10 Best Car Sound Systems, Ranked

Getting a great audio system is important for many drivers, so we have the 10 best car sound systems ranked right here.

While cars serve the primary purpose of transporting people from one point to another, this simple factor is not the only one that influences consumers to choose to purchase a vehicle. Among other factors are such things as design, features, accessories, and colors. Another consideration is the obvious factor of the sound system.

For most people, a high-quality sound system is a must in a consumer vehicle and depending on what your music styles are, you may be best suited with a different audio system. With that being said, here are the ten best car audio systems, ranked, with all the information you need.

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10 BOSS Audio NX654 Onyx 6.5″

Ranking #10 out of 10 is the BOSS Audio NX654 Onyx 6.5" audio-speaker system. BOSS is a well known audio system producer and produces a myriad of products such as speakers, subwoofers and even speaker cabling.

The BOSS NX654 Onyx 6.5" retails for $25, and for that price consumers get two high-quality 400-watt speakers which have 200 watts of RMS and frequency response ranges anywhere from 65hz to 20 kHz. These speakers are best for bringing out the vocals, particularly the higher notes and they also complement the mid-range as well as the lower ranges in the spoken word.

9 Kenwood KFC-6965S

Next up, ranking at number 9 is the Kenwood KFC-6965S audio-speaker system. The Kenwood KFC are 3-way speakers and give consumers a lot of bang for their buck. For the price of $35, consumers get speakers that can bring out the high notes as well as the bass lines in a song without strain.

These speakers have specs of 45 watts RMS' per pair and 400 watts per pair like the BOSS NX654 Onyx system. The 2-inch center tweeter in these speakers is built perfectly to play refined notes and vocal melodies. These speakers can be found on Amazon.

8 JVC CS-J620

Following the KFC-6965S speakers are the JVC CS-J620 speakers. JVC is a high-end audio products brand that produces products such as Bluetooth headsets, speakers, and even car entertainment systems, including their well-known car speakers. The CS-J620 speakers are for consumers on a budget who are seeking high-quality audio output. For $25, users get a pair of these speakers that offer more clarity and bass than the old speaker you want to replace.

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These speakers, though, are not as powerful as some others on this list. The bass line will not make the windows rattle, but these speakers will do the trick of giving better sound.

7 Rockford Fosgate R165X3

Next on this list, ranking at #7 is the Rockford Fosgate R165X3. As far as audio-system makers go, the Rockford Fosgate is a pretty good one. The company has made audio systems for virtually every use imaginable ranging from marine vehicles to home speakers to car speakers as well.

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The R165X3 are valued at $40 for a pair of these babies, and they are not only cost-efficient but very clear as well. As far as the bass on these speakers goes, they are one of the best we have seen when compared to the other speakers mentioned up above.

6 Bang and Olufsen Audio System

Next on this list is a high-end audio system manufacturer, presenting the Bang and Olufsen audio system. While these speakers are typically available in high-end vehicles such as Audi and BMW, they are one of the best sound systems out there, and if music quality is truly a priority for you, these are worth the high price tag.

One great thing about purchasing these speakers is the lack of hassle. Every Bang and Olufsen speaker is not only custom-built but also fitted to your vehicle. While sometimes it may not be possible to purchase directly from the company, there are numerous websites online that carry these products.

5 Jaras JJ-2646

Next up, ranking at #5 is one of the best value speakers the world has ever seen. Despite its unique shade of cobalt blue, the Jaras JJ-2646 car speakers are inexpensive and provide high-quality music. These speakers are 6.5 inches in size, which is pretty much a standard size and have a max power output of 360 watts.

The RMS on these speakers is around 180 watts for the pair. With a 1-inch neodymium film dome and a 0.75-inch tweeter, the JJ-2646 speakers can bring out the mid notes and the high notes without any strain and best augment the vocals.

4 JBL GTO628

Ranking #4 on this list is the JBL GTO628. JBL is a well-known speaker brand that produces a myriad of electronic devices such as speakers, headphones, home entertainment systems, and even car/marine audio systems.

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Of the car audio systems JBL makes, the GTO628 is one of the best. JBL's car speakers are 6.5 inches in size and have a maximum power output of 180 watts and an RMS rating of 60 watts. The woofer cone is surrounded by rubber on this bad boy that results in richer and more intricate bass levels. The JBL GTO628 isn't cheap, but it's worth it.

3 Alpine SPS-610C

Number 3 on this list is the Alpine SPS-610C. Alpine is a well known automotive speaker maker and also trusted and loved for their high-quality products. The Alpine SPS-610C speakers are Type-S series car speakers and are most impressive when outputting the high notes or the mid-range vocals.

The Alpine SPS-610C does not come with the grills but has a 1-inch silk tweeter that works best to bring out vocals that would typically be drowned out by the bass. The SPS-610C's also work with Type-R subwoofers and sound best when broken in, which can take about an hour.

2 Infinity Reference 6032CF

Ranked second on this list of ten is the Infinity Reference 6032CF. For $50, buyers can get a pair of these 6.5-inch speakers. These speakers have a cone shape which improves the sound quality and can improve both efficiency and bass output. The center tweeter can be modified as needed to point in the direction of the listener.

In addition to being modified in direction, the center tweeters can be modified for sound as well. The tweeters can be switched up or down for decibel levels and are great for a car as long as they're installed with care and attention.

1 Kicker DS65


Finally, ranking number one is the Kicker DS65. Ranked as the best car audio system, the Kicker DS65 takes home the prize. Kicker, the brand is very well known for its high-quality, high-performing subwoofers but has also excelled in the automotive audio system market.

These speakers are some of the highest performing and most durable speakers available for purchase and are well worth the price tag. The exterior of these speakers is not flimsy but rather very sturdy, while the interior is made of extended coils for a deep sound and a deeper and cleaner bass. $45 gets you two.

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