It’s Summer Time: The 10 Best Convertibles You Can Buy In 2019

Summertime weather, cool breezes, and the overall vibe of the season defines the absolute perfect time of year to get behind the wheel of a drop-top automobile and take it for a long ride, letting the wind whip through your hair.

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Thankfully enough, despite the massive attention given to SUVs and larger vehicles today in the greater American market, buyers are still wholeheartedly interested in fun sporting cars that allow them to opt to be topless as they please, fully enjoying nature in all of its splendor. Listed here are the 10 best convertible models currently for sale on the American market.

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Red Mazda Miata driving on the road
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10 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Red Mazda Miata driving on the road

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a legendary vehicle, a true bastion of the power and poise of Japanese design language and its ability to transcend time. The Miata is one of the last true roadsters left on the new car market, and the only manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated engine configured roadster left today. This lands the Miata in a particularly niche product zone which it enjoys fully. Buyers love the Miata's looks, fuel economy, and reliability, all of which don't inhibit the little car's seriously peppy fun one bit.

9 Ford Mustang

The Mustang epitomizes American muscle cars, and nothing takes that idea even further than chopping the top off of one and enjoying the sounds of one of its marvelous engine configurations screaming behind you as you bomb down a windy road.

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The new Mustang's body design is beautiful, and upgraded tech and sport features make it a serious competitor on and off the track as well. The ease of availability of current Mustang models and their parts also make this a certified long-term winner when it comes to selecting a new convertible top-equipped vehicle.

8 Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is the go-to when defining what is an American sports car. The only model to consistently be made for decades in that category and manage to stand the test of time, the Corvette has constantly evolved as its audience has, growing ever more aggressive and fast. Thankfully, the mad scientists at Chevrolet have not foregone the coveted convertible configuration on the Corvette just yet, meaning buyers can still enjoy all the fun and appearance of a drop-top supercar at reasonable pricing.

7 Chevrolet Camaro

The big boisterous Camaro is another time-transcending model that sticks to its cool roots and comes offered in a roof-dropping configuration. Like the Mustang, its prowess on

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American soil is one that can't be tarnished, and the availability of a convertible option only furthers the summertime fun that could be had in this car. Also like the Mustang, its ease of availability, both in total car and aftermarket parts make it a well justified long-term investment.

6 Porsche 911

The most legendary model of one of the most legendary brands in automotive history, the Porsche 911 convertible is a car many spend their lives pining after, a true status symbol and representation of success.

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The Porsche's extraordinary sporting performance coupled with jaw-dropping looks make this consistently one of the most attractive convertible vehicles offered on the market, and for good reason. Coupled with the optional PDK transmission that makes gear shifts ultra-fast and effortless, there is truly no aspect of the 911 that can fail.

5 BMW 2 Series

Often dubbed as the last true bastion of BMW's "ultimate driving machine" mentality, the 2 Series is the smaller offering from the German manufacturer, but don't let its size fool you, as the M2 configuration of this model can sprint around the track just as quickly as its bigger brother, the M4, and offers the maneuverability of a way smaller package. The convertible option is a beautiful one too, paired with the M Performance Package the car is a serious contender for the best sporting convertible.

4 Audi A5

The Audi A5 takes technology and creature comforts to a whole other level, and couples it with a power roof. Of course, the A5 has a sporty inclination, but where it truly excels is its beautiful marriage of design and technology to create a truly comprehensive package that is worth any buyer in the segment giving it a second or even third glance.

3 MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper has existed for so long mostly due to the fact that it exists in a class wholly its own. No vehicle on the road really ever has or ever will look like a MINI Cooper, and that is exactly the brand identity that it thrives on.

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A sub-product of the BMW Group, the Cooper is nicely appointed and well-composed, and the convertible option affords buyers who enjoy the hatchback design an opportunity to let the sun in as well.

2 Volkswagen Beetle

Like the MINI Cooper, the Beetle also has thrived on its uniqueness. A truly quirky appearance that appeals to a devout following, the Beetle has long been a staple summer car, strapped up with surfboards and filled with eager beachgoers since the 1960s.

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The Beetle has consistently proven its resilience in this class and won't be losing that spot any time soon. Coupled with the available convertible top the Beetle is a true summertime ride, and that is something that anybody would agree on.

1 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is luxury, redefined. Taking the flagship elements of the larger S Class and porting them into a smaller, slightly more affordable package, the E-Class has long been a fan favorite amongst Mercedes-Benz aficionados for being the perfect marriage of luxury and economy.

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Although not particularly the fastest model on this list, the E-Class makes up for it in bountiful luxurious appointments and technological advancements, many of which exist uniquely inside of it and nothing else in its class. Optioned in convertible form, the E-Class takes on an entirely new personality, becoming the stately drop-top cruiser of royalty.

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