10 Coolest Cars Available In Yellow

Some decisions are all about personal preference. What one individual may find beautiful, another may find ordinary or even horrid. Although one's outlook can be different than someone else's, oftentimes people can find common ground on a similar topic. For instance, the color of a car.

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Regardless of what an individual may think about a particular color, the odds are there is a car out there somewhere that reps it with ease. Yellow is a bold color that can display both sides of the coin: It can be strange on one model but perfect on a contrasting vehicle. Even though there are thousands upon thousands of cars with a yellow color scheme available, these ten wear the hue especially well...

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10 Jeep CJ7

When you think of the 70s, images of free-spirited travelers come to mind. To get around, many drivers went straight to the Jeep CJ7. The CJ7 is the quintessential Jeep. It has large tires, removable doors, and an open canopy. These features lured in thousands of customers throughout the years, many of whom chose the color yellow for their vehicles.

It's a bright and radiant color, representing the time period in which the CJ7 had its moment of glory.

9 Chevrolet Camaro

For fans of the film and television series Transformers, the Camaro was an obvious example of a great car in yellow. Since the first movie's release back in 2007, the Chevrolet Camaro has been the series' flagship vehicle as BumbleBee's car form.

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The producers/directors decided on a yellow Camaro to mimic BumbleBee's color scheme, which worked perfectly. Several viewers apparently thought the same thing, as yellow is one of the most popular colors for almost all of the Camaro generations.

8 Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder

Alfa Romeo used to have an aura of poor design surrounding it. Their older vehicles broke down a lot and didn't always perform at the desired level. However, their new line of vehicles has worked hard to break this notion, especially with the sporty 4C Spyder.

When the 4C Spyder was first released, Alfa decided that yellow would be the color of the display model. That particular color was an amazing decision on their part, since the 4C Spyder was, arguably, one of the nicest yellow vehicles in the whole of Detroit's Motor Show.

7 BMW M4

Like the Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder, BMW took a similar route when releasing their then-brand-new M4. The only difference between the two colors is the shade and metallic texture.

The BMW M4's yellow isn't standard yellow. In fact, it's actually called "Austin Yellow." It resembles a mix between a metallic gold-like hue and a regular bright yellow. The choice is very unique, which drew several consumers to the M4 like a moth to a flame.

6 Dodge Viper

Few cars receive the designation of "Widow Maker," but the Dodge Viper did. Its powerful V10 engine was too much for many to handle; leading to a sad loss of life during its early run. The Viper was simply too good looking for many to turn down, even though it was too much of a car.

One aspect adding to the Viper's looks was its color options. The yellow (along with red and black) was popular among enthusiasts. Back in 2013, Dodge reused the same original yellow to unveil the most recent iteration of the Viper. With a classic set of black stripes going down the center, a yellow paint job will really heighten its nostalgia factor too.

5 Chevrolet I.M.S.A Corvette

Teams in motor racing typically designate a specific color to themselves and stick with it for quite some time. Sometimes, these combinations work well, while others are forgettable. As a team that has managed to rock a yellow car for decades, Chevrolet has done superbly; adding improvements each time.

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With the release of the 2020 Stingray, odds are the I.M.S.A. (International Motor Sports Association) segment of Chevy will undertake the mid-engine setup for the following season. Even so, the current C7-R is breathtaking in yellow. The black rims and accessories contrasting with the bright yellow body make for an aesthetically-pleasing race car. Especially when it's in first place.

4 Koenigsegg Agera ML

Koenigsegg frequently makes special one-off versions for their incredibly rich customers. Since the production of the original CCX, they have made one-of-a-kind vehicles that resell for millions. Now, they've done the same thing with their Agera and Agera RS line, with one called the Agera ML.

As seen above, the ML is beautiful. It's also, as mentioned before, a one-of-a-kind, being the only yellow Agera ever made. It was seen for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016, to much applause.

3 Ferrari F50

After the success that was the Ferrari F40, Ferrari intended to one-up themselves with their next model, the F50. Although it never received the same level of fame and adoration as its predecessor, the F50 still managed to be a powerful V12 Ferrari with speed and looks worthy of its name.

The bold design and smooth lines, with the specific code of Giallo Modena yellow, absolutely screams "race car" to anyone lucky enough to see it in the flesh. It's a shame so few were made in this color, as most opted for the standard Rosso Corsa red.

2 Lamborghini Miura

The literal epitome of yellow sports cars: Lamborghini. Since the company's inception, they've endeavored to make stunning sports cars in their special Giallo Orion yellow. The Miura was the car to define the supercar category; showing that Lamborghini should not be passed off.

As early as 1966, Lamborghini annihilated Ferrari's stronghold on the industry with the release of the Miura. Its top speed was 170 M.P.H., a marvel for the time that shot them into further glory. The Lamborghini Miura had many choices of color codes too, first introducing their signature yellow. It has been the highest-selling color among Lamborghini customers (next only to orange) for years.

1 Lamborghini Aventador

Once again, Lamborghini makes a stunning car. Again, it comes in the trademark Giallo Orion. The Aventador is the latest V12 Lamborghini in their line-up. It has been so since 2012, occasionally getting upgraded versions to the already existing chassis.

As mentioned previously, yellow fits Lamborghini in the same way that red fits Ferrari. To celebrate this, for their 50th anniversary, Lamborghini sold the Aventador '50th Anniversario' LP 720-4 in the same Giallo Orion that had been with the brand for so long. No doubt the legendary color combo will persist for as long as the brand does.

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