10 Most Badass-Looking Concept Cars Ever Made

Concept cars represent the possible future of driving... and if it looks like this, we are 100% on board!

Before an automotive company can confidently release a new, innovative vehicle on the market, it needs to experiment on new technologies, designs, and gauge the public's interest. This is why automakers worldwide are investing huge sums of money into developing groundbreaking, breathtaking concept cars that defy the limits of what is considered normal for a vehicle. Today, we bring you a fresh look into these developments as we explore the 10 most beautiful, brutal, and positively badass concept cars that have been developed for potential future release. Enjoy!

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10 Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet

When it was unveiled at the 2017 Monterey Car Week in California, the new Vision 6 concept littered the internet with posts of admiration and release speculation. The car is the epitome of Mercedes brand luxury, assuming a beautiful elongated, curved shape that yet communicates aggression and competence. And rightfully so, as beneath the massive bonnet hides a 750-horsepower electric-powered engine capable of covering over 200 miles on a single charge. Unfortunately, the company did not release any information about its plans for the car, but with such an outlook for future, we have no doubt their later releases are going to be equally as impressive.

9 Jeep Wrangler Trailcat

During its rich 80-year history, Jeep has made a name for itself as THE go-to performance off-road brand. With the new Trailcat concept, the brand takes this notion to the extreme. Fitted with colossal 39.5" tires, the Trailcat offers the kind of clearance never seen in any Jeep model to date. To make sure this car fully utilizes its design, Jeep fitted it with a monstrous 707 horsepower V8 used in the Hellcat. This further resulted in having to extend the wheelbase by some 12 inches to make sure the fridge-sized engine fits. The Trailcat spells "fun on four wheels," yet for now, it unfortunately remains nothing more than a concept.

8 Mazda RX-9 Vision

Mazda scarcely disappoints when it comes to their designs, and this is no exception. The new RX-9 Vision looks smooth, elegant, and utterly badass. For now, this is just a concept, aimed as an overdue replacement of the late RX-8. Its aggression comes from the massive front grill contrasted by the angry, squinting LED headlights as well as the elongated hood that looks like it hides a monster. For this new RX-9, the company is allegedly developing an all-new rotary engine - an extremely efficient 1.6-liter that's speculated to rev out approximately 400 horsepower.

7 Renault Trezor

This one has actually been out there since 2016 - a completely drivable version featuring a 349 horsepower electric motor accelerating the car to 60 mph in under 4 seconds. The Trezor is one of the most badass and well-designed concept cars out there, earning the 2016 Automobile International's Most Beautiful Concept Car award. The whole design revolves around passion and sensuality. This impression is further bolstered by the completely red-colored interior, with red leather, and windows. Even wood on the dashboard is red. Yet, the car also boasts many innovative design features such as the honeycomb-shaped vents in the front, fiber-optic tail lights, and a clam-shell rooftop that opens to allow passengers to enter or exit the car.

6 GFG Style Kangaroo

The GFG comes from a very new Italian company with a very old name backing it up. The company was founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio, this year revealing the new "hyper SUV" dubbed the GFG Style Kangaroo. The Kangaroo embodies an innovative combination of the extreme performance of hypercars and the off-road capabilities of SUV's. But most importantly, this bold move renders the Kangaroo a completely unique and beastly concept car. It runs on not one, but two electric motors, each producing 241 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. Such distribution of power ensures it effortlessly covers any terrain, with mind-blowing speed. Although its design might seem a bit too low-slung for an off-roader, the car is able to raise itself an additional 260 mm (10.2 inches), giving it a total ground clearance that puts any modern SUV to shame.

5 Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

This menacing coupe was created by the skilled designers at Mercedes-Benz for the fans of Gran Turismo, and it will be featured in the new game. Its design takes from the classic Mercedes 300SL, with exaggerated proportions that make it look even more aggressive. The entire thing is actually aluminum, weighing around 3000 lbs. the AMG Vision Gran Turismo represents what a future Mercedes will look like, and apparently, it's Batman's car of choice, as it appeared in the 2017 movie Justice League, driven by Ben Affleck. The real-life model was unveiled at the Los Angeles Motor Show, and it borrows its 603-horsepower 5.5L V8 from the E 63 AMG S, one of the fastest sedans in the world.

4 Rimac C_Two

This Croatian electric hypercar manufacturer took the world by storm when they unveiled the Rimac Concept One in 2013. At the time, it was the fastest electric vehicle in the world, and they have been delivering on their promises ever since. Now, Rimac Automobili is working on a new project - the fastest and most powerful electric hypercar to bless the automotive market.

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Intuitively, it's called the Rimac C_Two, and its four electric motors will be developing an otherworldly combined power output of 1914 horsepower and 1696 lb-ft of torque. It defies the laws of physics as it reaches 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds. Apart from the numbers, its design is also quite impressive. But, what makes this car different from the other concept supercars on this list? Well, the fact that you'll likely be able to buy one of these quite soon.

3 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

The Terzo Millennio Concept was made to represent Lamborghini's vision of their future supercar. This absolute beast sports an alien-like aerodynamic design, combined with four individual, fully electric engines pushing power to all four wheels separately. The company's goal for the future is to reduce weight and improve power efficiency in their supercars. It also brings interesting ideas, such as self-health monitoring and repair to the table. Unfortunately, Lamborghini did not reveal the plans for this car yet, but we hope to see one of these on the roads sometime in the near future.

2 Audi PB18 E-TRON

Audi has brought us some truly beautiful designs lately, most recently the immensely successful R8. So naturally, their PB18 E-Tron retains the elements that made the R8 so attractive and builds upon them. The car is fully drivable and pictures don't do it any justice. Sporting a powerful, menacing design, the front grill looks like it wants to eat the other cars on the road.

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As with many other supercar concepts on this list, the E-Tron is envisioned as a fully electric car, yet it still retains the traditional mid-engine supercar design. However, it uses 3 electric motors, one in the front and two in the back, providing 764 horsepower to the wheels. Its body combines carbon-fiber composites with aluminum, giving it a lightweight 3,417 lbs, considering its 15-feet length. Nevertheless, this future supercar is able to reach 60 mph in just about 2 seconds.

1 Ferrari F80

Inspired by an F1 supercar, this beautiful concept can be credited to the Italian designer Adriano Raeli. Every inch of the car, from the menacing headlights to the elegantly incorporated rear wing was designed with one purpose in mind: aerodynamic performance. Considering the car's 1763-lb curb weight, its beastly 1200 horsepower V8 will have no issue shuttling the F80 to 60 mph in some 2.2 seconds. But the best part? With its design, weight, and engine geared towards nothing but speed, this beauty is aimed at reaching an otherworldly 310 mph.

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