Top 10 Best Hybrid Hatchbacks 2019

2019 has some pretty reliable hybrid hatchbacks on the market. Here's the rundown.

There are quite a few different terms for cars nowadays. Sedan, hatchback, crossover, hybrid, EV, and so many more. Let's break down what we’re talking about today so its crystal clear why these cars made the list. First, is hybrids. This one is fairly simple; a hybrid is a car that has an electric motor but also has a gas engine. The motor and the engine work in tandem to provide maximum gas mileage and make a little less pollution than a fully gas operated car. Now here's a tricky one: Hatchback. A car can be classified as a hatchback if the trunk door takes up the entirety of the rear of the vehicle and the trunk space flows into the rest of the car and is not a separate closed off compartment. This usually means more storage space. Now that we have all that cleared up, let's look at ten great hybrid hatchbacks for 2019.

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10 2019 Toyota Prius

When it comes to hybrids, a household name would certainly be the Toyota Prius. They’re one of the earliest hybrids since electricity and cars began to mix in modern times. While unfortunately, it's also common knowledge that they don’t exactly have a lot of speed or power, something the Prius does do well is getting great mileage. With an average of 52-miles per gallon, you might actually forget to refuel. In addition for the 2019 model, an all-wheel drive and rear seat USB chargers have been added. This dependable, middle of the road and average car will cost you less than $25,000.

9 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid

It's hard to have a list of good cars without Hyundai being somewhere on it and this one is no exception. The Hyundai Ioniq has everything you need in a hybrid with it getting 119-miles per gallon with the electric assist. Some people worry about their hybrids being more fickle and more expensive to fix in the event of a breakdown but Hyundai has you covered with their long-lasting warranties. Not to mention, this year the Ioniq comes loaded with safety features to help you stay safe and stay on the road. This easy choice will run you at just over $27,000.

8 2019 Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt is a great car that's stuck in a difficult spot. Currently, it's one of the more efficient hybrids out there and it's also one of the most affordable. However, the trouble is that the car can’t get terribly far on a single charge and the gas it can hold. Unlike other hybrids, it doesn’t come with a fast charging cable so if you plan to do any long distance traveling, you’ll waste a lot of time at the sparse charging stations scattered about. So while this car definitely deserves a spot on this list, it's sad to say that you should keep an eye out for its issues to be fixed first.

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7 2019 Ford Fusion

Ford is definitely looking to make a major comeback this year. It made a strong impression with releasing the new Ford Ranger and it is continuing the trend by bringing back the Ford Fusion with a new design. After stagnating in 2012, the Fusion is back with a brand-new interior and an overall wider, bigger car. It’ll feature Ford’s EcoBoost engines but as the car has yet to be released, other details are still a mystery. In the past, the Ford Focus was a great car; it was just getting old and needed a facelift. As long as Ford can accomplish that, this new iteration is sure to be a winner.

6 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf

The 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf looks to make sure that driving a hybrid doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting. Designed to drive with a sporty feel and equipped with an all-wheel drive, the e-Golf is out to make going green look cool. It has plenty of safety features as well, such as blind spot identification and automatic braking in case of emergencies. A new addition for 2019 is a new faster-charging cable so you get back to enjoying your ride quicker. It gets a combined fuel economy of 119-miles per gallon it is fairly affordable at just under $33,000.

5 2019 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

Audi wasn’t satisfied to let other brands run the hybrid hatchback market so it decided to throw its finely decorated top hat in the ring in the form of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron. Despite the stylized name, this is indeed a hatchback with rather a decent trunk space, but Audi has made sure that it handles like a sports car. The A3 Sportback gets a total of 83-miles per gallon when using its electric component and of course, the interior is nice enough to make you want to drive as far as it can take you. However, this ride doesn’t come cheap with the base model at over $39,000.

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4 2019 Kia Forte5

The Kia Forte5 is a newcomer in the hatchback game with it sharing a namesake with Kia’s line of sedans. The hatchback option for the Forte5 might be new but it comes in swinging by boasting better mileage and more power than the sedan it shares its name with. Kia already has quite a bit of experience making electric and hybrid cars so we can expect much of the same technology and features in this new addition as well as a stronger frame for better ratings in crash safety tests. Unfortunately, it's unknown if we’ll see this car come to the U.S. for the moment as it is only for sale in Canada currently.

3 2019 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Honda is not only looking to dethrone the Toyota Prius as a household name in hybrids, but it's also looking to totally eclipse them. The Honda Clarity will be equipped with a powerful electric motor and gas engine to get a combined 111-miles per gallon. It will have three driving modes depending on whether you’re trying to save gas or really open it up for some fun. The interior looks great with a tasteful combination of wood and metal and is quite roomy, even if it is filled to its five-passenger capacity and all this will be relatively affordable starting at just over $33,000.

2 2019 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Executive

There is a long-standing misconception that hybrid cars are weaker, not as sporty, and more boring than gas-powered cars. While it's not true, Porsche is looking to squash this myth completely with the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Executive. It’s quite a mouthful but so is all of the things it can do. While it is a hatchback, it's got enough length to almost be considered a small limo. The interior is posh and comfortable and “Turbo” is well lived up to as well as this car is fast and powerful but can still be whisper quiet. This car with a name full of five-dollar words will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $222,000 with all the bells and whistles.

1 2019 Honda Fit Hybrid

Honda claims another spot on this list with an exciting new car coming out in October of 2019. The Honda Fit hybrid is an extra special release because it will be featuring Honda’s latest and greatest hybrid motor technology that is sure to give it the edge in gas mileage. The Fit will have plenty of space for passengers and cargo alike as it is more tall than wide so it can remain compact. By adopting this strategy, even rather tall drivers should be able to drive comfortably. While the Fit is scheduled to be displayed at a showcase in Tokyo, Japan, the U.S. is currently left with bated breath as to when this little hatchback will make its way across the sea.

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