10 Best Off-Road Vehicles Currently On The Market

The automotive buyer today has shifted their attention away from small, zippy cars and on to larger, more wholly capable vehicles that can haul small groups of people, plenty of belongings, and not be stopped by any conditions thrown at it. This increasingly growing market has led to some great innovations in the field that now affords off-road worthy vehicles factory options that would only be found previously in the aftermarket. Automotive manufacturers are realizing how important having capable and fun off-roaders in their lineup is, and have crafted some truly amazing products due to it. Here are the ten best off-road vehicles currently available for sale on the market.

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10 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

The first high-performance off-road pick-up truck on this list is the Tacoma TRD Pro. Toyota is well known for making insanely capable vehicles and the Tacoma is no exception, offering class-leading off-road capabilities. Standard Fox Racing shocks allow the mid-size truck to handle any terrain with ease and options such as crawl control allow for it to maneuver over most obstacles flawlessly.

9 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

The Jeep Wrangler is often the default choice for a readily accessible off-road vehicle, and with due reason. The vehicle has remained wholly capable of handling anything since its roots as a military vehicle in the early 20th century, and the newest versions maintain that ethos as well. With a new face lift for the 2018 model year, the Wrangler now has all of the fancy technology and added accessories any modern car would need on top of its off-road abilities.

8 Land Rover Range Rover

Although very few Range Rovers actually see off-road use, they are arguably better equipped for the dirt than they are for the pavement. The Range Rover was designed as the pinnacle of off-roading, allowing more capabilities than the little brother Land Rover trucks, while maintaining an air of refinement and luxury unavailable in the lesser trims. Of course, today it's more likely to find an Autobiography model Range sitting in the parking lot of a Whole Foods then tearing up a trail, at least owners can rest assured that if needed, their luxury truck will seriously handle any element thrown at it while keeping occupants safe and comfortable inside.

7 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Reveals 2020 Land Cruiser Heritage Edition With V8 Power

The only serious competition for the Range Rover in overland capabilities is the most expensive factory vehicle Toyota offers, the Land Cruiser. With base MSRP starting at over $80,000, it is leaps and bounds more expensive than any of the other models the normally economically-savvy Toyota brand produces. However, this price tag comes with pedigree, as the Land Cruiser is regarded worldwide as one of the most capable off-road vehicles ever made, with even 20-year-old examples still tearing up dirt roads across the planet today. The Land Cruisers big brother, the Lexus LX, offers the same level of capabilities in a slightly more luxurious package for buyers searching for that aspect.

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6 Ford F-150 Raptor

VelociRaptor V8

The Raptor is inherently an off-road pick-up truck. Designed from the ground up as a Baja racer, the Raptor sports a ten-speed transmission, massive horsepower, and selectable drive modes for virtually any terrain imaginable, making it a highly adaptable vehicle capable of handling almost anything thrown at it. The beauty of this truck comes largely in the fact that there is very little if no upgrades that would need to be done to it after purchase to make it capable of handling extreme terrain daily, the Raptor simply has it all.

5 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

The true last of its kind when it comes to real body-on-frame SUV's the 4Runner is one of the most trusted off-road vehicles on the planet. Another marvelous product from Toyota, the 4Runner may appear to be slightly dated in terms of amenities, but it is certainly not dated in its capabilities. TRD standard Fox Racing shocks combined with a manual transfer case and crawl control leave this SUV as generously equipped for the elements as its main competitor, the Jeep Wrangler. The difference in the two is that the 4Runner offers slightly more usability in terms of space and even the option for third-row seating, while the Wrangler's body is modular and allows for on-the-fly changes based on the environment.

4 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Another super capable pick-up truck offering in the off-road class is the Colorado ZR2. A mid-size truck with plenty of capability, it offers the nimbleness and maneuverability associated with smaller pick-ups, while still maintaining its off-road prowess. Available in a four-cylinder diesel or a V6, there is a power option to fit whatever circumstances the Colorado is needed for.

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3 Mercedes-Benz G Class

The other truly luxurious off-road offering, the G Class of Mercedes products combines timeless design elements with new-age technology and effectiveness. Another vehicle that has been tested time and time again across the globe in various environments, the G Class has withstood the test of time because it simply will not break. The level of toughness exhibited by the normal G Class even led Mercedes to develop a 6-wheel version of the vehicle that is practically a Mercedes tank.

2 RAM Power Wagon

The RAM Power Wagon is a larger, but much more capable pick-up offering in the off-road class. With a fresh face to exemplify the new RAM design language, the Power Wagon screams readiness for the dirt. Although designed with contractors and workers in general in mind, the Power Wagon has the capability to pound dirt into pavement when taken off of traditional roads. A high-powered beast, it can tow almost double its weight and clears any obstacle it encounters with ease.

1 Nissan Frontier

The final pick-up is another mid-size offering directly competing with the likes of the Toyota Tacoma. A moderately effective off-roader, the Frontier is able to traverse through most terrains with ease, and the fresh redesign includes plenty of tech and safety to keep drivers and passengers composed no matter how far away they're trekking from civilization.

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