24 Best Pictures Of Supercar Blondie Posing With Sick Cars

We live in an amazing time where there are more awesome cars circling the planet that we’re actually able to count. Some people – mainly Youtube stars, it seems – manage to get their hands on some of them one way or another. There are even a few IG and twitter VIP that are lucky enough to earn a few minutes of alone time with some of the world’s greatest cars. Then, there’s Supercar Blondie. This woman seems to get the attention of nearly every amazing car on the planet. I’m not just talking about your Lamborghini Huracan or Aston Martin Vantage. Sure, she’s spent some of her time with them as well, but there are so many others that make us downright jealous. I’m talking about cars like the Fenyr Supersport and the Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow Concept, to name a couple.

Did you know that she’s even had a chance to drive the outrageously powerful Devel Sixteen? I kid you not, folks. She’s actually gotten behind the wheel and driven that crazy car down the road. The point is that we’re basically starstruck when it comes to SC Blondie, so we’ve decided to compile 25 random shots of her posing with some of the sickest cars on the planet. She’s gorgeous, the cars are gorgeous, so what’s not to like about that?

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24 Koenigsegg Regera

via twitter

You want to know what a perfect combination of beauty, speed, and happiness is? You’ve got it right here in one place – the 2019 Koenigsegg Regera and Supercar Blondie. According to Carbuzz, the Regera pumps out more than 1,500 horsepower and 1,475 pound-feet of torque from a trio of electric motors and a v-8 engine. Its 2.8-second run to 62 mph comes at a cost of around $2 million, but Supercar Blondie is worth that much, right?

23 Mercedes-AMG GT-R

via twitter

It might be easy to shun Mercedes for stealing AMG GT-R’s name from Nissan, but as soon as you look at this shot, the pleasant green color of the car, and the stunning Supercar Blondie standing in front of it all is forgiven. After all, if Mercedes hadn’t made the GT-R, this amazing picture wouldn’t exist, right. For what it’s worth, Car & Driver pegs the GT-R at 577 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, enough for a sprint to 60 mpg in 2.9 seconds and 100 mph in just 6.7 seconds.

22 W Motors Fenyr Supersport

via Forbes

Supercar Blondie has had more than one run-in with the W Motors Fenyr Supersport, but this is a fan-favorite shot. The white Supersport sitting just behind her in this image is good for some 800 horsepower and, according to W Motors, it can run to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and double that speed in just 9.4 seconds. It also tops out at 245 mph depending on the transmission. This is one of those cars that fit Supercar Blondie quite well, don’t you think?

21 Bugatti Chiron

via twitter

Take one 1,479 horsepower Bugatti Chiron and mix it in a bowl with Supercar Blondie and what do you get? Well, according to Dupont Registry, you get a blonde that can run from nil to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and 250 mph in just 32.6 seconds. She’ll even go 261 mph if you let her. Supercar Blondie does have the proper credentials you might as well let her push the Chiron to its full potential. Then again, the Chiron has a sticker price of around $3 million, so you might want to think that one over a bit.

20 McLaren 570S

via twitter

Nothing goes together as well as black, red, and blonde - even when the first two parts of that equation come as part of the cheapest car in McLaren’s lineup. And, it is the cheapest, sure, but it’s also pretty awesome in its own right. No, not just because Supercar Blondie is posing next to it but because it has 562 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough, according to Car & Driver for the 570S to hit 60 mph in three seconds flat and a quarter-mile sprint in just 10.8 seconds. It even tops out at 204 mph.

19 BMW i8

via Forbes

One could argue that BMW dropped the ball with the i8. It looks like a supercar, but it’s far from. Car & Driver reports that, between its 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine and electric motor, total system output sits at just 369 horsepower and 420 pound-feet. It’s still enough to get to 60 mph in around 4.4 seconds, but it looks so much faster. Throw Supercar Blondie into the mix, and it looks unstoppable. It’s kind of funny how a beautiful woman can have that effect, huh?

18 Ferrari 488

via twitter

We have to admit that it’s going to be hard to be this shot. You’ve got the old plane in the background, a gorgeous woman up front, and a Ferrari 488 sandwiched right in the middle. So which of the three are faster? Autoblog pegs the 488 GTB at 660 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque, so it has some juice, but something tells us that Supercar Blondie is a little quicker, while the plane doesn’t stand a chance. What do you think?

17 Bentley Bentayga

via Forbes

The Bentley Bentayga may share some of its DNA with cheaper, less luxurious models but it’s still pretty amazing in its own right. According to Autoblog, this $165,000 high-rider delivers some 542 horsepower and 568 pound-feet in V-8 form or as much as 600 ponies when equipped with the 6.0-liter W-12 engine. Of course, the pricing difference between these two models are huge, but that doesn’t matter. Both are incredibly fast for what they are, outrageously luxurious, and as shown off in this picture, attracting the company of the internets most attractive car girl – Supercar Blondie.

16 Ferrari F50 and Maserati MC12

via twitter

One of the two cars in this picture might wear a Maserati badge but, believe it or not, its heart beats the same blood as that of the Ferrari next to it. And, that’s probably why Supercar Blondie has that look on her face. See, according to Topspeed.com, the Ferrari F50 you see here is good for 514 horsepower and 347 pound-feet of torque. That Maserati MC12, however, has a detuned version of the Enzo’s 6.0-liter V-12 that’s good for, according to Car & Driver, 624 horsepower and 481 pound-feet of torque. Which one do you think Supercar Blondie decided to drive?

15 Nissan GT-R and the Fast & Furious Eclipse

via twitter

Supercar Blondie really does have all the luck, doesn’t she? Not only is she in the company of a very cool Nissan GT-R, the Fast and Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse that we all love to hate, but she’s also in the company of Paul Walker’s Brother. Yeah, you came here for the car’s and the girl, I know, but it’s Paul Walker’s brother – you’ve got to give a pass on this one. Besides, the cars are still cool, right?

14 Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow Concept

via twitter

Mercedes did a pretty good job of blending historical and modern design with the EQ Silver Arrow Concept. Sure, it’s not practical, but it didn’t have to be. It was designed to be an attention-grabbing concept that – sort of – showcased what the future of motorsport could be. It’s hard to say how well that will actually work out, but one thing is for sure – it’s attracted the attention of some pretty gorgeous women including the lovely Supercar Blondie that you see here. And, why shouldn’t it? The Verge says that it can even project a 3D image of the road ahead to help the driver know what’s coming up ahead. Pretty cool.

13 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

via twitter

Supercar Blondie may have an insatiable appetite for fast, exquisite supercars but none of them seem to come closer to her heart than her very own Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 AKA Lucy. Lucy is a few years old now and pumps out 602 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough, according to Car & Driver, to hit 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and 100 mph in 6.7 seconds. It can even run a quarter-mile in less than 11 seconds and tops out at 202 mph. What’s it like to drive this beauty? Well, just take a look at Supercar Blondie’s face in this picture, and you’ll get a firm understanding.

12 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 No. 2

via twitter

It might seem out of place to have not only the same girl but the same car on the same list more than once. But, that’s what’s happening today. Of course, Supercar Blondie has more than a few pictures of her and her treasured Lambo named Lucy doing all kinds of fun things. And, you just can’t beat a classic pose like this. You’ve got the girl, the flag, the car, and the cityscape in the background. This is a downright classic picture that deserves plenty of love too.

11 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

via twitter

May I introduce you to your second obsession next to Supercar Blondie? I’m talking about the DB11’s evil cousin or, as you know it, the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. Yeah, Aston Martin finally brought that name back in 2018 and wouldn’t you know it; Supercar Blondie has always managed to spend some quality time with one. According to Top Gear, she got to enjoy some 715 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque from that throaty 5.2-liter V-12. She can hit 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and 100 mph in 6.4 seconds. Was Supercar Blondie please? You can bet she was!

10 Devel Sixteen

via twitter

The Devel Sixteen is one of those cars that really sound too good to be true, and probably is, yet we still hold out hope that it’ll deliver anyway. It’s a $2,000,000 hypercar that is, supposedly, good for 5,000 horsepower. Road and Track even makes a case that the Sixteen could manage to pass not only the 300-mph barrier but could even run up to 320 mph. So, are you curious what Supercar Blondie is doing next to it in this picture? You might be surprised, but she was literally the first person in the world, with the exception of its developers, that have been able to sit behind the wheel and actually drive it. That’s right – Supercar Blondie is the first person outside the Devel Company to drive this 5,000-horsepower monster.

9 Ferrari 812 Superfast

via twitter

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is powered by a 6.5-liter V-12 that, according to Motor Trend, is good for 789 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque. And, it’s a downright beautiful car that competes with models like the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera mentioned above. Considering how gorgeous the car the is, it’s hard to believe anything in the galaxy could distract your attention away from in. Of course, that was before we saw Supercar Blondie in the same shot dressed up as Mrs. Claus. Which would you take – the girl or the car?

8 Ferrari Rossa Pininfarina

via twitter

In case you’re unaware, the car you see here is based on the 550 Maranello and is the only one of its kind in existence. According to Motor 1, it was built by Pininfarina to celebrate the firm’s 70th anniversary and, while it is technically a concept, it is fully functional. The car was supposedly owned by Pininfarina until 2007 when it was sold off to a private collector. As the only one of its kind in existence, it’s hard to say how much it’s worth. With that in mind, it’s probably worth a few small fortunes, so the fact that Supercar Blondie has managed to sit behind the while is just absolutely amazing. It’s hard to say which one is more beautiful in this picture.

7 Lamborghini Aventador

via Forbes

The Lamborghini Aventador might be a couple of years old now, but when you’ve got Supercar Blondie standing next to it, it really doesn’t matter, now does it? We’re talking about one of Italy’s best with 700 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque. According to Guide Auto Web, it carries a price tag of anywhere between $450,00 and $850,000, the latter of which will get you the SV Roadster trim with 750 ponies and a marginally faster sprint to 60 mph. Either way, Supercar Blondie managed to get cozy with it, and we’re a little jealous.

6 Ferrari F40

via Clipart and Vector Design

The Ferrari F40 is legendary in its own right. It’s not only an extreme machine, but it is, according to Road & Track, the last car Enzo Ferrari requested and helped build. It was powered by a twin-turbo V-8 that was good for 478 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque. It might not sound like a lot by today’s standards, but the F40 weighed just 2,980 pounds – enough for it to sprint to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and run the quarter mile in 11.8 seconds at 124.5 mph. Not bad for a car built in the mid-1990s.

5 W Motors Fenyr Supersport No. 3

via twitter

Alright, this might be the third time that the Fenyr supersport has come up but it’s almost as gorgeous as Supercar Blondie herself so what can you expect? There’s not much else left to say about it, but it’s one last shot of these two together for you to enjoy.

4 Aston Martin Vantage

via Instagram

The final entry consists of a model that’s a few years old but downright amazing. The Aston Martin Vantage was just recently updated with a very fresh look, but the model you see here with Supercar Blondie is just as iconic. According to Car & Driver, the pre-update Vantage pumped out as much as 565 horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque from a 5.9-liter V12. It could hit 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and topped out at 205 mph. Was Supercar Blondie happy with that? You can bet she was.

3 Aston Martin Vulcan AMR

via Twitter

Of course, the Vulcan looks good on its own, and it looks even better with Supercar Blondie standing next to it. Is it too fast for her, though? Well, Digital Trends reports that the 7.0-liter V-12 under the hood is good for 820 horsepower and, in AMR spec as seen here, the car produces nearly 3,000 pound-feet of downforce at speed. The AMR might have the same horsepower and transmission (albeit with shorter transmission gears for better acceleration), but it’s much faster and even a little lighter too.

2 W Motors Fenyr Supersport No. 2

via twitter

Supercar Blondie may have been found in the company of the W Motors Fenyr Supersport more than a few times, so it’s not surprising that the two would end up on this list a second time. We’ve talked about the amazing power created by the car’s 3.8-liter flat-six, but do you know what makes it really amazing that Supercar Blondie know the Supersport so well? This car commands a hefty sum of $1,785,680 at current exchange rates. Seriously – it’s that expensive.

1 Lamborghini Urus

via twitter

As Lamborghini’s first SUV since the LM002 decades ago, the Urus had a lot to live up to. And, it does so very well. According to Car Magazine, its 4.0-liter V-8 is good for 641 horsepower, 627 pound-feet of torque, 3.6-seconds to 60 mph, and a top speed of 189 mph. There isn’t a lot that can make that package much better, but Supercar Blondie sure does make the Urus look a little better in this picture, doesn’t she?

Sources: Motor trend, Motor1, Autoblog, Digital Trends

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