10 Best Selling SUVs of All Time

The sport utility vehicle is the car of choice for millions of American families. According to a report by Business Insider, 40% of all car sales for 2017 were SUVs in the midsized and compact categories. And while larger, more expensive SUVs usually don’t sell as well as their smaller, cheaper counterparts, that doesn’t mean they’re not selling either. With gas prices down and more budget-friendly options on the market, the sky is the limit for SUVs of all shapes and sizes.

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Over the years, we’ve seen some truly great SUVs enter the increasingly competitive market and duke it out amongst each other. Some of these have gone on to win awards, top sales charts, and end up in the driveways and garages in homes across the country. The ten SUVs that are listed below are some of the best selling, highest grossing models of their respective classes. From compact to large, family transports to off-road titans, these are some of the best selling SUVs of all time.

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10 Subaru Forester

One of the smallest entries on this list, the Forester is positioned as an intermediate between the Crosstreck and the Outback. While not nearly as sporty looking as those two, the Forester still offers a lot of bang for its buck. Built to last, the Forester mainly competes with cars like the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V, and while it’s debatable as to which is the best, the Forester does still manage to hold its own. A sturdy little ride, older Foresters can be seen all over the place, proving that longevity is the key to making a beloved car.

9 Nissan Rouge

A popular option for families, the Rouge routinely tops year-end sales lists for midsized SUVs. MSN news claims that it’s the best selling SUV for this year (so far), meaning it already has its eye on the top spot. And why not? The Rouge has an attractive entry price, good reliability, and high safety standards. While some may say that the Rouge might have gone down a peg in terms of quality, that hasn’t stopped customers from making it one of the company’s best selling models in recent years.

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8 Ford Escape

These things are everywhere! There’s literally no escape from them (pun intended). Constantly among the best selling models of its class, the Escape has become more streamlined than it was when it was first released. With a good intro price of just $24k, the Escape is an attractive option for new families. It’s also become quite popular as a fleet car, and companies all over the country seem eager to buy up as many as they can. While this sounds like a money maker for Ford, as we’ve mentioned before, popularity among fleet and rental agencies has traditionally lowered the re-sale value of certain models.

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7 Lexus RX

One of Lexus’ best selling models, the RX is also one of the best selling luxury crossovers. A ritzy version of the Toyota Highlander, the RX is available with either two or three rows, and also comes as a hybrid. A massively successful car, at $44k the RX is priced well below some of the companies larger models, like the GX and LX, and offers all the class and sophistication one would expect from a Lexus. It’s got a smooth ride, it’s loaded with features, and its styling, while polarizing, does give it a distinct, modern look.

6 Toyota Highlander

The most mainstream of all of Toyota’s models, the Highlander offers three-row practicality in the midsized vehicle. Smaller than the Sequoia, larger than the RAV4, and more domesticated than the 4Runner, the Highlander is the perfect blend of form and function. A notoriously reliable model, the Highlander, like the Lexus LX, also has a hybrid version that gets around 30 MPG. While that may not sound like much, for a midsized SUV, it’s a miracle. The Highlander has to watch its back, though, as newer challengers like the Volkswagen Atlas and Kia Telluride pose a real threat to its supremacy.

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5 Chevy Suburban

While it may be big, expensive, and not very kind to the environment, the Suburban has been telling minivans who’s boss over twenty years. Originally a wagon, the Suburban evolved into a large SUV that offered both storage, leg room, and mild off-road flexibility. While others have attempted to overtake it, like the Ford Exhibition and Toyota Sequoia, the Suburban has remained dominant in its class. For a little more style, check out the GMC Yukon or the Cadillac Escalade.

4 Jeep Cherokee

First introduced in the ‘80s, the Jeep Cherokee is often called one of the best Jeeps ever by off-road enthusiasts. Tough, durable, and stubbornly reliable, the Cherokee was a legend both on and off the pavement. It helped to popularize four-wheel-drive among regular Americans, and it helped usher in the era of sport utility vehicles that we know today. While the Cherokee has evolved over the years, the older models made between 1984 and 2001 are the most highly revered among fans. Some would argue that the Cherokee was never the same after that generation ended.

3 Ford Explorer

Sometimes cited as the best selling midsize SUV in America, the Explorer has been the SUV of choice for millions of families for almost thirty years. A versatile truck in every sense of the word, the Explorer helped popularize the midsize SUV, bringing about a wave of competition that culminated in the SUV takeover of the late ‘90s. From the jungles of Jurassic Park to the streets of American suburbia, the Explorer has been everywhere, and it’s still not done yet. Newer explorers are more aerodynamic, allowing for better handling and gas millage, and a hybrid version is expected to come out next year.

2 Toyota RAV4

This is the vehicle that made the crossover a household name. While it’s not the first model to brand itself as such, it was one of the first to be commercially successful, and had it not been for the RAV4, it’s possible the crossover may never have been a hit. Offering the space and practicality of an SUV, but the fuel economy of a sedan, the RAV4 is consistently haled as one of the most enjoyable crossovers around. It works well in almost any condition, including snow, rain, and pavement, and it’s constantly being upgraded with the latest tech and features to make sure drivers stay happy.

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1 Jeep Wrangler

A descendant of the granddaddy of all known SUVs, the Wrangler refuses to die, and that’s a good thing. The first choice for nearly ever off-roader in what feels like forever, the Wrangler offers drivers a taste of the wild side. It’s cult following has made it one of the most loved cars in America, and it’s braved countless conditions, from deserts to rainforests, snowy mountains to rocky canyons. It’s a tough vehicle that’s endlessly customizable, offering drivers a wealth of different options and driving styles. It is the SUV started it all, and it shows no sign of throwing in the towel.NEXT: Fastest Cars In GTA 5, Ranked

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