The 10 Best Sports Cars Of 2019 (According To Edmunds)

Reliability, comfort, technology, performance: all the things that make a great sports car. Here's how Edmunds ranks the greatest sports cars of 2019.

Today, it's not just performance that makes for a great sports car. Reliability, comfort, technology, and price all play a big role in determining the value of a roadster. And with the automotive market as saturated as ever, it's easy to get lost among all the different brands and offerings. This is why, consulting the popular online automotive resource Edmunds, we're setting aside the 10 best and most valuable sports cars in 2019. And given that performance is not the only factor to consider when buying a good sports car, the list will instead focus on the cars that bring the best quality and value in their segment and price range. Here's how Edmunds ranks the greatest sports cars of 2019.

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10 Mazda MX-5 Miata: 8.0

For anyone looking for the most bang for the buck, the Miata has always been a go-to sports car. Since 1989, the model has been consistently improving the thrilling, lightweight package it delivers. And today, the MX-5 is one of the best Japanese cars on the market, period. In fact, It's hard to explain how fun the MX-5 is to someone who's never driven it and is deterred by its small 2-liter engine. For the newest model, Mazda has improved the power output and RMP numbers, while managing to make the MX-5 even lighter and more responsive. This means that its four-cylinder 2.0L engine now produces 181 horsepower (versus the 2018's 155 hp) and sits on a 2,300-lb frame. Apart from the performance, at a base price of $25,000, the Miata also boasts high reliability, comfort, and fuel efficiency. The thing is a bargain, really.

9 Mercedes-Benz SL: 8.0

The SL is the flagship convertible of this luxury brand. Unfortunately, this may very well be the last model year for this icon. However, the SL decided to go out with a bang by combining trademark Mercedes-Benz luxury with the best performance yet into a SL convertible like none before it. Depending on thier needs, buyers can choose between three engine trims, ranging from a 362-horsepower 3.0L V6 to a 577-horsepower 5.5L V8. However, it's the cabin experience that really sells this car. Fully leather-clad, with high-quality parts and the very best of modern technology features, the SL upholds the highest standards in luxury and comfort.

8 Porsche 718 Boxster: 8.0

The Boxter has long been Porsche's entry-level sports convertible, tailored at those willing to experience the brand's craftsmanship without paying a premium. And it has been successful in that endeavor ever since it was introduced. For the Boxster, Porsche now uses a base efficient four-cylinder engines that still manage to put out a decent 300 horsepower. The main highlights of the newest model are its supreme handling and comfort, that give this entry-level Porsche the dose of luxury and refinement that easily justify its starting price of roughly $60,000. However, if you desire more power, you can easily opt for the GTS trim to bump the model's horsepower output to 365 and its top speed to over 180 mph.

7 Audi R8: 8.1

With the R8, Audi showcases it can successfully compete with exotic supercars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini that more than double on its base $138,000 price tag. The car combines the company's smart German engineering and luxury into a thrilling 610-horsepower V10-powered package. What makes the new R8 so incredible is its lack of compromise on luxury and comfort while providing top-notch performance. The latest model offers a couple of different trims, such as the $177,100 Quattro spider and its more beastly counterpart, the $208,100 Quattro Spider Plus, all of which have AWD aided by the most advanced technology.

6 BMW 8 Series: 8.1

After the model was discontinued in 1999, it took BMW almost two decades to bring the iconic 8-series back into its lineup. Today, it's the car that will stop the likes of the S-Class Coupe or an Aston Martin Vantage dead in their tracks, featuring a 523-horsepower 4.4L V8 capable of a 3.8-second 60-mph dash.Given their supreme luxury and German reliability, BMW already holds top positions in many segments, which is a great sign this $110,000 luxury coupe will be well worth the investment. At this price point, the 8-series is able to provide some of the best luxury, looks, and performance combinations on the market, and according to Edmunds it will keep its passengers comfortable for hours on end.

5 Chevrolet Corvette: 8.2

The corvette is famous for offering one of the best price-to-performance ratios among any sports car. However, the 2019 model also adds an incredibly comfortable ride, quality materials, and a spacious boot to the list of its advantages. For this reason, Edmunds comfortably places the new Corvette among the greatest sports cars currently available on the market. Gone are the days where the 'Vette was just an affordable no-frills muscle car; the new model packs heaps of advanced technology features such as smartphone integration, a Bose sound system, Voice control, and a front-view camera, auto-dimming side mirrors, and ventilated seats (to name a few).

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But make no mistake, the performance is there: depending on the trim, you can get as much as 755 horsepower under the hood. And starting off at roughly $60,000, it becomes painfully obvious why the new Corvette is one of the best convertibles out there.

4 Ford Shelby GT350: 8.2

Looking for the best possible Mustang there is? Well, this is it. More and more, and especially with the 2019 model, Shelbies are no longer just Mustangs with monstrous engines that sacrifice luxury for performance - they're actually well rounded sports cars. That said, the new GT350 is more powerful, beautiful, and comfortable than ever. It even features a nice 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system. As for the performance, it's there all right: the beastly V8 now makes 526 horsepower and launches the GT350 to 60 in about 3.5 seconds.

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Yet for all this power, comfort, and supercar-like performance, the base price does not exceed $60,000. In fact, the only thing Edmunds counts against this car are the cramped rear seats, which most owners opt out of anyway.

3 2019 Audi TT: 8.3

Those infatuated with Audi's products will be happy to hear that the company's entry-level sports coupe is up there with the best sports cars of 2019. In fact, at a starting price of some $44,000, the new TT is both luxurious and sporty, able to make its 228 horsepower that come courtesy of a 2.0L four cylinder feel more than sufficient. This is where the Quattro's AWD system comes useful, giving this luxury coupe virtually flawless handling and cornering capabilities. It's an Audi after all, so cabin comfort is no issue. Inside you'll find the efficient German layout you'd expect from high-end luxury models, with leather-wrapped seats nestling you as you take on corners.

2 Porsche 911: 8.4

2019 is a great year for German sports cars, and according to Edmunds, few will come out ahead of the newest 911 in terms of quality. The company has been pushing the boundaries of automotive technology for decades now, notably producing one of the best dual clutch automatic transmissions in the world, among other things.

Needless to say, the 911 is luxurious, comfortable, and beautiful. But what it also brings to the table is a wide range of trim possibilities, allowing casual sports enthusiasts to enjoy the 414-horsepower $91,100 Carrera, while the the most extreme thrill-seekers have the opportunity to tame the $293,100 GT2 RS packing a beastly 700-hp V6. Since the ladder is practically an all-out race car for the road, you can guess how the new 911 drives...

1 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT: 8.4

As Mercedes' flagship supercar, the AMG GT does everything it can to boast the company's technological prowess. The classic-looking design draws ques from the legendary 300SL and is contrasted by the car's state-of-the-art drivetrain powered by a turbocharged 515-horsepower 4.0L V8 for the base model. On the other hand, opt for the track-ready 577-horsepower R version and you'll be surrounded by lightweight carbon-fiber bodywork.

The fastest car in the Mercedes-Benz lineup is also one of the most luxurious. Packed with the highest quality fabrics and materials, it's able to stay comfortable despite the car's race-car-like performance. So, similarly to the BMW's 8-series, its premium $110,000 base price is completely justified. And if it weren't for the limited storage space, the AMG GT would be a virtually flawless sports car.

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