10 Badass Superhero Inspired Vanity Plates You Will Want For Your Vehicle

Vanity plates are big business in the car industry because everyone wants to showcase their own unique identity on their vehicles. We have all seen these, whether they are funny, serious, or their meaning might even be lost on us. There are several people who have crafted their own superhero plates that have been an inspiration to us all.

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This list showcases the best of the best of these vanity plates. The minds behind them deserve a reward for their ingenuity and creativity as we are blessed with these miraculous reminders of our favorite heroes. Keep reading to learn about ten badass superhero-inspired vanity plates you will want for your vehicle!

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10 Batman

The person driving this vehicle claims to be Batman, despite it being a very unbatmanlike thing to do. This doesn't mean this plate doesn't deserve some praise though because we all wish we would have thought of it first. We all want to be Batman, or at least be associated with his image like the owner of this car. It might even be an invitation for other Batman lovers to join us in our fight against evil, despite our vehicle being less cool than the batmobile.

9 Team Cap

We are all on the Marvel bandwagon, but when it comes to choosing a specific hero's team, this person beat us all to the punch. They decided that they couldn't live unless they joined Captain America's team. He is a perfect candidate for a leader with his well-spoken words and his American gear. A few of us might envy this plate and wish we had it on the front of ur vehicle so everyone would know with whom our allegiances lie.

8 Why is Gamora?

This license plate came about due to a line in the movie spoken by Drax to Tony Stark. Iron Man had asked where Gamora was, and Drax responded with his own line of questioning that led to "Why is Gamora?" and the appearance of this license plate.

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It is a conversation starter as many people might not understand its meaning at first, but any true Marvel superhero fan would get the reference. The state of New York is even perfectly placed atop the plate to make the question more noticeable to interested onlookers.

7 Storm breaker

Stormbreaker, otherwise known as Thor's battle-ax, played a big part in his success as a fighter. This obviously had an impact on this driver who decided to grace their vehicle with the presence of this license plate.

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It is a tribute to the superhero and his weapons that many people on the road would recognize as a mild obsession. We have to wonder if they have the legendary weapon in their trunk and we can bet Thor would love the reference if he saw this plate.

6 Green Lantern

The Green Lantern was rated one of the worst superhero movies of all time, but that didn't stop this owner from putting it on their license plate. It was so terrible that Ryan Renolds himself, the actor who portrayed the mystical hero, actually made fun of the movie in his role as Deadpool. We can't argue that it works with the color of the vehicle, but we do have to wonder if they regret their decision after the flop of the movie.

5 Lex Corp

This doesn't necessarily portray a superhero, but it is an ode to Superman's endeavor to bring down this corrupt corporation. It might be a ploy to bring Superman out of hiding and confront the owner, or it is in memory of one of this hero's many amazing accomplishments during his extraordinary life. It is unclear as to the reason why they chose this phrasing on their vehicle, but we can all agree that we wish we would have thought of this superhero-inspired vanity plate first.

4 Stan Lee

Stan Lee is the creator of Marvel Comics and is also the true hero of our era. He created untold numbers of heroes and villains alike for us to fall in love with or grow to hate. This man's imagination sparked a movie franchise that has broken records and made more money than anyone would have imagined. He has passed on, but in our hearts and minds and on our license plates he will live on as the greatest superhero of our generation.

3 Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate is not one of the most well-known superheroes, but his sorcerer powers enabled him to help those around him. He was one of the founding members of the Justice League and this man decided to have his memory engraved on the license plate for his vehicle. This is a plate only true comic collectors might understand, but we can all appreciate its value in the category of originality. This plate is iconic and it is slightly surprising more people haven't gone back to the roots of the industry for inspiration for their vanity plate.

2 Black Widow

Black Widow was a heroine and one of the top feminine heroes of all time. Her striking moves and interesting backstory provide her with enough mystery to intrigue us. This vehicle is a perfect match for this plate as it looks as formidable as the Black Widow herself when she is decked out entirely in black. There are those who say it might just be referencing the spider, but any Marvel fan would disagree that this plate was made to honor the superhero instead.

1 The Hulk

It's obvious that someone from Virginia had the same idea as the previous owner of a green Camaro in Missouri to use a license plate inspired by their favorite superhero. This one decided to focus on the Hulk because he was the true hero of the Avengers. He might just look like a formidable giant, but what he can do outweighs his destructive tendencies. This vehicle represents the hulk in color and form as it races down the roadway decked out in green.

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