10 Best SUVs On Sale in 2019 (According to Edmunds)

The common argument against purchasing an SUV vs a spacious sedan has historically been either their sluggish performance or their low gas mileage.

The common argument against purchasing an SUV versus a spacious sedan has historically been either their sluggish performance or their low gas mileage. With SUVs today, car companies are making sure that both of these issues are virtually non-existent.

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This explains the switch many owners are now making from sedans to SUVs and crossovers, where they can benefit from exponentially improved utility, spaciousness, and even comfort. If you love SUVs, or are thinking about making the switch yourself, today we deliver the list of the top 10 best SUVs currently on sale, according to the popular car resource Edmunds. Enjoy!

10 2019 Porsche Cayenne: 8.1

For 2019 model year, Porsche really stepped up the Cayenne's game. The new model covers all fronts: it features an updated design, more powerful engines, and even new hybrid options. The car exceeds the expectations you'd have for a Porsche. The interior is highly luxurious and adorned with quality fabrics and sturdy materials.

Though it's not a sports car, the driving experience will leave you doubtless that you're in fact inside a Porsche. It steers like a much lighter car, and the engine options can go as high as the ridiculous 550-horsepower V8. Keep in mind, the E-Hybrid model will still put out an impressive 455 horsepower. Expectedly, the main thing Edmunds counts against this car is its overstated price tag (the Cayenne starts at $65,700).

9 2019 Honda CR-V: 8.1

Together with Mazda CX-5, the new Honda CR-V is ranked by Edmunds as the best car in the affordable compact SUV segment. And indeed, with all its generous features, the CR-V comes out to a respectable $24,000 base price. However, the selling point of the new CR-V is actually its practicality.

Not only does it offer a comfortable cabin, but the rear boot behind it is among the best in the class. Nifty storage and compartment areas are intelligently located all around, making the CR-V the ideal companion. And, considering the surprising performance of its efficient 1.5L 190-horsepower engine the CR-V is everything an affordable family SUV should be, and more.

8 2019 Mazda CX-5: 8.1

The new CX-5 is Honda CR-V's closest competitor. Sure it doesn't offer AS much space and boot utility (though its spaciousness is still respectable), the CX-5 sells for its ever-stunning design - both exterior and interior.

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In fact, if a luxurious experience is more attractive than sheer practicality, you'd likely find yourself leaning more towards the CX-5. Everything else, from the base sticker price to the technology features and even to the engine power output and drivability is almost identical to the CR-V.

7 2019 Honda Passport: 8.1

After a 17-year Hiatus, the Honda Passport has made one hell of a comeback, having landed among the best choices for an affordable midsize SUV on the current market. If we compare it to its little brother CR-V, it boasts the same incredible spaciousness and rear boot usability as well as respectable comfort but is sportier and way more powerful.

We're talking 280 horsepower with the base engine, at a ballpark price of $32,000. In fact, it manages to equally spread out this cost across all the most important and desirable features a good midsize SUV should have, leaving no gaping holes or real drawbacks to mention. Good job Honda!

6 2020 Hyundai Palisade: 8.2

For 2020, the Santa Fe XL becomes the new Hyundai Palisade. At a base price of roughly $31,500, the car retains many of the qualities of the older generation and builds upon it. Three rows come standard and are, for that matter, surprisingly spacious from the first to the last. Standard comes also the hefty V6, producing 291 horsepower - the same engine also found in the new Kia Telluride.

Not that it lacks power, but unfortunately this is the only engine trim offered in both models. Comparing the two models, the Telluride comes barely ahead due to the more comfortable yet agile ride, though the Palisade seems a bit more luxurious. According to Edmunds, the choice between the two cars will boil down to preference.

5 2020 Kia Telluride: 8.4

It's surprising how far this South Korean manufacturer has come. To be able to offer the best 3-row SUVs on the market in its price range is a big accomplishment for any company, and according to Edmunds, the Telluride does exactly that.

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Not only did Kia manage to decorate it with an impressive and attractive exterior design, but it's also full of standard tech and safety features found in much more expensive competitors. Notably, at a base price of $32,000 the cabin is extremely comfortable and sufficiently spacious, and Kia didn't cheap out in the engine department either. Standard is a 291-horsepower V6 that will happily tow up to 5,000 lbs.

4 2019 Audi Q7: 8.4

According to Edmunds, there's no better pick in the large SUV department than the Audi Q7. The base model will set you back just over $50,000. And at an acceptable price for an SUV of its size, the Q7 manages to provide some of the most upscale interiors, spacious seats, and wide engine options.

Though, the base 248-horsepower 2-liter is fairly sufficient. As most three-row SUVs, it suffers from the lack of space in its last row, but that's pretty much the only complaint you'll have about this car.

3 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class: 8.4

The first thing everyone will notice about the brand new GLE is the completely redesigned exterior. The facelift was a perfect bullseye, as it makes the large and luxurious SUV look that much more roomy and upscale. And indeed, step inside the cabin and you'll be faced with one of the most lavish and stylish interiors in the segment, notably featuring the high-end MBUX infotainment system.

The new GLE justifies its premium price (arguably its only downside) by managing to patch up all the mistakes of the previous model, including its questionable ride quality. In fact, apart from being the most beautiful, the GLE is also one of the most comfortable SUVs in its segment. This holds true for every engine trim, even when the optional 362-horsepower V6 is floored.

2 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class: 8.4

The GLC is the GLE's smaller yet equally impressive brother. However, opting for the GLC will save you about $16,000 for the base model. The changes for the 2019 GLC include making the front-seat heating and indoor power outlets standard. From the exterior features to the cabin, it's obvious that much attention went into making the GLC seem as luxurious as possible.

Small SUVs often have problems with rear-seat spaciousness - not the GLC. And with the interior quality unquestionable it also scores well in the engine department. The base 2.0L develops a fully decent 241 horsepower and manages to keep a high gas mileage compared other compact SUVs. In fact, Edmunds ranks the GLC as the best car in the compact luxury SUV segment.

1 2020 Lincoln Navigator: 8.4

The Navigator is a massive luxury SUV created without compromise. Lincoln knows those looking to own a Navigator are prepared to pay a premium to feel like they've got the best SUV in its class, and so no corners were cut in neither luxury nor performance. And Edmunds seems to agree, giving the Navigator the highest rating among all SUV's.

Though the base sticker price does hang in the neighborhood of $75,000, it implies a standard 450-horsepower 6-cylinder (Lincoln's not playing around) and an incredibly luxurious, technology-ridden interior. For example, Lincoln's Co-Pilot360 road safety technology now comes standard. Notably, the Navigator's also got one of the largest storage areas in the world, at 103 cubic feet.

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