Best & Worst Honda Models, Ranked

Honda makes some phenomenal cars... but even this make can go very wrong from time to time.

As we here at HotCars have said many times, almost every car manufacturer has a few great cars, along with a good bit of poor ones too. Regrettably for J.D.M.-lovers and Honda enthusiasts, this is also true for Honda.

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Of course, Honda has definitely made their fair share of world-class cars. However, they've also made some mistakes along the way as well. To help illustrate this point more effectively, here are some of the best and worst Honda models they've ever built, ranked...

10 Best: 2019 Honda Civic Type R

To start off, you can't ignore one of Honda's greatest achievements to date. If you're not aware, we're talking about Honda's destruction of the Nurburgring record with their latest Honda Civic Type R.

As far as speeds concerned, the brand new Type R is an absolute monster. Compared to most front-wheel-drive cars of its class, the Civic Type R dusts all of them. Needless to say, if you are having a mid-life crisis or just really want a sharp, affordable, track toy, then consider the 2019 Honda Civic Type R (Mostly for $36,000 - $40,000).

9 Worst: 2019 Honda Ridgeline

A lot of car communities/enthusiasts have their respective stereotypes. People think Subaru drivers always vape and American Muscle-lovers think all Hondas are lawn mowers. Few things bridge this gap, except for a mutual hatred. In this case, that feeling is directed towards the Honda Ridgeline.

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Amongst car fans, especially truck lovers, the Honda Ridgeline is the worst truck on the market. Not only does it look very strange (Like a Honda Odyssey turned into a truck), but it's also kind of expensive compared to Ford and the likes ($25,000 for a new F-150, while a Ridgeline is closer to $30,000).

8 Best: 2019 Honda NSX

The once-great car, designed by the world-renowned Formula One Champion Ayrton Senna, would not stay dormant for long. This is evidenced by Honda finally making another NSX, but with modern technology and capabilities.

Obviously, the 2019 NSX is much faster than its 1990s and early-2000s predecessors. With over 500 horsepower, twin-turbo'd V6, mid-engine layout, and 0 to 60 of around 2.7 seconds, the NSX fits in comfortably with the supercar crowd.

A few fans argue that the NSX isn't as good as it should be, especially when contrasted with the likes of Ferrari or Lamborghini. However, the NSX is much cheaper (~$150,000) than a standard European supercar, but still keeps up pretty well!

7 Worst: 2019 Honda Accord

For those looking for a nice, comfortable, and reliable vehicle for daily use, they might go for the 2019 Honda Accord. This, of course, is a choice made by many consumers, yet, not a very good one to say the least.

The biggest problem with the Accord is just how plain it is. Along with that, the Accord is basically just a more expensive Honda Civic with a slightly wider wheelbase and more "luxury" options. To save yourself some trouble and extra cash, just go with a standard Honda Civic sedan beforehand.

6 Best: Honda S2000

To compete with the likes of Mazda and BMW in the sporty roadster category, Honda would build their own convertible sports car. What came of this was a masterpiece; one of the best four-cylinder engines and vehicles to ever be made: The Honda S2000.

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The S2000 is the perfect car for driving on the highway with the top down and also going to the track on the weekends. The legendary F20C engine is a fantastic motor that has frequently been swapped into other cars for its performance capabilities. What really sweetens the pot, though, is that the S2000 is miles cheaper ($10,000 or so) than a Z3/Z4, but not always as affordable as an old Mazda MX-5

5 Worst: 2019 Honda Fit

As the world moves closer and closer towards sustainable forms of energy and fuel, more and more companies have worked hard to make environmentally friendly and high fuel-economy vehicles. Honda has done this with their newest 2019 Honda Fit, but with little applause to follow.

The Fit is the epitome of a small urban commuter. It doesn't go fast (at all), costs around $15,000 off the lot, and takes only a few bucks to fill the tank. Sadly, though, that's about all the 2019 Honda Fit does: Save money here and there. If you want anything else out of a car, like a decent appearance or powerful engine, then avoid the Fit like the plague.

4 Best: Honda NSX (Gen. 1)

As mentioned previously, the original Honda NSX was designed in part by the late Ayrton Senna. As a result of this acclaimed driver's help, the first-generation Honda NSX would become Honda's most distinguished sports car ever.

When driving the original NSX, it was easy to see how a F1 driver had helped make it. The car grips so well and accelerates at a blistering pace for the time. The NSX was also drop-dead gorgeous to boot, helping it to become a legend worth $50,000 to $100,000 to this day (And probably much more in the future).

3 Worst: 2011 Honda Element

In an attempt to make a mid-sized family utility vehicle, Honda built an abomination. This specific horrid creation would be called the Honda Element; a car that lasted much longer than it should've.

The Honda Element was a car that didn't have a lot going for it. It's ugly, since it literally just looks like a box on wheels, and was prone to mechanical issues. As someone who's been around the Element for quite some time, it's certainly not worth its $22,000 price tag (or any other price, for that matter).

2 Best: Honda Integra Type R (DC2)

The designation of "Type R" isn't just reserved for Honda Civics or one-off race cars. In actuality, the Type R name has been on the Integra as well; perhaps one of Honda's best front-wheel driver, J.D.M., sports car.

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Like the Honda Civic Type R's, the Integra Type R is also a competitive and striking front-wheel-drive hot-hatch. Nowadays, most Integra Type R's in the U.S. are imported from overseas or bought here for thousands over their actual worth (Sometimes as much as $20,000).

Nevertheless, if you don't want a Civic, but still want all the positive aspects, then the Integra Type R is what you've been waiting for.

1 Worst: Honda Civic Del Sol

For the worst of the worst on this list, we have a truly awful car. In an effort to make the '90s Honda Civics more "sporty," Honda made the Honda Civic Del Sol.

The Civic Del Sol was a normal Honda Civic at heart, except with a redesigned body and (some) internal components. Their attempts to make the Civic look better with the Del Sol was a failure, to put it lightly. Today, the Del Sol is the laughing stock of the car community, particularly when people use their base/chassis for kit cars.

Then again, nothing's funnier than seeing a Honda Civic Del Sol pretending to be a Ferrari F355.

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