This Is The Biggest Wing On A Custom 2020 Supra (So Far)

The MkIV Supra was known for its huge rear wing, but the current model is a lot more inconspicuous. One California-based tuner has changed that.


This is the biggest wing we’ve seen on the back of a custom-built 2020 Toyota Supra so far.

Well, it was bound to happen. Part of what made the MkIV Supra so famous was the easily identifiable rear spoiler. To put it mildly, it was huge. You could kick field goals over that thing and still have enough room left over for a gymnastics competition and a high-dive Olympic event.

The new Supra? Not so huge. Toyota (or perhaps, BMW, given how much of the car is actually made by the German manufacturer) opted to go for a very subtle rear lip spoiler this time around. We’re sure that it works just fine, but it doesn’t really have the same sort of presence.

Enter Auto Tuner, the California-based tuning garage that is taking the Supra to new heights. Especially in the spoiler department. Their custom-designed showcased at the recent Formula Drift event in Irwindale last weekend has a wing large enough to honor the previous-gen Supra while also giving it a look all its own.

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That look is very much an homage to the tuner car culture of yesteryear, but whatever. It looks good, and that’s all that matters.

Everything else we know about the car comes from looking at it. We can see a body kit with a new front splitter, some side sills, and a new rear diffuser, but what’s going on under the hood is a mystery. It might still have the same turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine that produces nearly 375 hp as the stock model, or it might have been swapped out for a twin-turbo engine with 600 horses. We may never know.

But we’ll probably find out. This car and many just like it will be heading to SEMA next month, the annual convention where tuners all get together to show off their latest creations. We’ve already seen at least one Supra preview, but there’s almost certainly going to be an entire corner of the Las Vegas Convention Center covered in Supra builds.

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