5 Bikes On SOA That Are Completely Worthless (And 10 Worth Every Penny)

There were some bikes on the show that we wouldn't really want to ride at all, at least not if we had to buy them with our own money.

During the first few seasons, many of the viewers weren't fans of the west coast style bikes we saw on the show. As the show grew in popularity, people grew more accustomed to the blacked out club-style bikes with quarter fairings and T-bars, and we would soon witness a change in the custom motorcycle scene. The motorcycles from Sons of Anarchy have had a huge impact on V-twin motorcycle style and culture, with bikes like the ones featured on the show being a much more common sight on US roads today.

It's easy to understand how the SAMCRO bikes became iconic - they were ridden by the heroes of the show, and all those guys had a certain aura of coolness about them.

That also explains why some of their enemies' bikes were perceived as cool since these opposing groups did actually have a lot in common.

But there were bikes on the show that we definitely wouldn't refer to as style icons that we'd love to ride on a daily basis. In fact, there were some bikes on the show that we wouldn't really want to ride at all, at least not if we had to buy them with our own money. And here's the surprising part; some of those really uncool bikes were owned by the heroes of the show.

Let's take a closer look at five bikes on SOA that are totally worthless, and ten bikes that are worth every single penny.

15 Worth Every Penny: Chibs Dyna Street Bob

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When Jax took over as leader of the club, Chibs became VP. He had a long history with the club and first became a member of the Belfast charter which had ties to the IRA.

Like most other members of SAMCRO, Chibs rode a Dyna. But unlike most of the other members, his bike didn't feature a front fairing. The matte black Z-bars and tiny little Saint Andrew's cross patch on the back of his saddle are custom touches that make it unique to his passionate personality along with the Anarchy symbol on the tank. The Street Bob doesn't offer any frills. There are two fat wheels, a big V-twin engine, a single seat, and not a lot else. A perfect setup for some fun!

14 Worth Every Penny: Hellrazor

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The Hellrazor was featured on the show after it caught the eye of SOA creator Kurt Sutter. The bike was valued at $90,000 and was built by Rusty Coones, owner of Illusion cycles. Coones was the leader of the San Fernando Valley and Orange County chapters, also starred on the show - portraying SOA Nomads charter leader Quinn.

The Hellrazor weighs over 800 pounds with a specially built S&S engine that’s a 124 CI de-stroked to a 114 CI. The wheels are one of only two sets in existence. It’s truly a piece of motorcycle art and worth every penny of that $90K.

13 Worth Every Penny: Jax's Dyna Super Glide Sport

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Charlie Hunnam played Jax, the lead role in the show, which meant he was always going to be the most important and the most popular character. He definitely needed a ride that would be able to match his personality.

The bike chosen to be his trusty steed was a 2003 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport. A mean beast of a Harley that actually offers both power and handling - something we don't often hear when talking about the US cruiser bike brand. There's a detailed graphic of the reaper on his gas tank as a sign of allegiance, there's a front fairing, and custom handlebars, making the bike look badass as well as ride like a dream. Totally worth every penny!

12 Worth Every Penny: Alvarez's Road King

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Emilio Rivera stars as Marcus Alvarez on the show. The leader of the Mayans, who made his debut on the show in the first episode and was last seen on the series finale. During the first two seasons, he was the main antagonist but came to an uneasy truce with the Sons. He also appears in the spinoff series Mayans MC.

The bike ridden by the leader of the Mayans on the show is actually owned by the actor himself. It's a stunning Road King with custom Mayan Green paint, very fitting name for a color on a Mayan bike and it looks great. We certainly wouldn't mind owning this one... unfortunately it's worth every penny, so it's out of our reach.

11 Worth Every Penny: Happy's Dyna Street Bob

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Actor David Labrava played Happy on the show, he was also hired to be a technical advisor on Sons of Anarchy. He knows a thing or two about bikes. In fact, Labrava builds bikes and hot rods himself, so if he thinks the Dyna Street Bob is worthy of being ridden by his character, we're gonna take his word for it.

The year of Happy's bike has changed a few times, but it has always been a Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob featuring a custom fairing and bars, airbrushed graphics that read “Reaper of Death” across the rear fender, with an airbrushed reaper and scythe on the tank.

10 Worth Every Penny: Bobby's Custom Chopper

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While Bobby is shown to own and ride several bikes during the show, the custom chopper seems to be his favorite bike and we're not gonna argue. The bike looks sweet and we think it's definitely worth whatever amount of pennies it cost to build.

While this custom bike might not look super comfortable to ride, it sure does look badass. At first glance, it may look like something Harley-Davidson made, but apart from the Evo engine, it isn’t. It’s a true custom build, built from the ground up using a hardtail frame, mini ape hangers, and a springer seat. The front springer forks have been raked to give the bike a classic chopper look, nicely complemented by the lace wheels.

9 Worth Every Penny: Tig's Dyna Street Bob

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While there's no doubt that Tig Trager was the most unstable member of the club, there was no questioning his loyalty to the club. There's also no questioning the man's taste in bikes and personal mods.

Tig rode a matte black 2006 H-D Dyna Street Bob with a bunch of skulls and spikes scattered around the bike. It wasn't a huge surprise that a man this loyal to the club had the Sons of Anarchy logo on display on the tank. Tig's bike looked dark and mean, it was like catching a glimpse into his mind - a perfectly dark bike for what is probably an even darker character... and we loved it.

8 Worth Every Penny: John Teller's Knucklehead

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The 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead seen on the show was rented by the studio for the filming. It wasn't a factory original 1946 Knucklehead, instead, it was built specifically as a rider's bike with a blend of the builder's favorite features from the '45-'51 model years. Although it was built for a private party, it represents just the way the original Sons of Anarchy leader John Teller would have liked it.

The engine is the original Knucklehead motor, with original stock HD Knucklehead cylinders. The Springer front end is also '46 Knucklehead. The wishbone frame is an original '48 Panhead frame. The gas tanks are from a '51 Panhead. Other Panhead items include the mouse-trap clutch and the 2-light dash. Totally worth every penny... and then some!

7 Worth Every Penny: Mayans' Softails & Road Kings

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As to be expected, the Mayans MC bikes are a different breed compared to those ridden by the Sons. Whereas the Sons ride blacked-out, club-style Dynas with quarter fairings, tall T-bars, 2-into-1 performance exhausts, and raised rear suspension, the Mayans take a different approach to custom bikes.

Lowered H-D Road Kings, Heritage Softail, and Softail Deluxe models with long pipes, fishtail tips, ape hangers, whitewall tires, full-skirt fenders, and tons of chrome. These are bikes obviously influenced by lowrider culture, and we gotta admit that we do like it. It might not be to everyone's taste, but we can all agree that these bikes are worth every penny.

6 Worth Every Penny: T.O's Screamin' Eagle Road King

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Taddarius Orwell, or T.O., was the leader of the Grim Motorcycle Club and he later joined SAMCRO.

His ride was as cool as him, a bright orange bike called the Screamin’ Eagle Road Glide from Harley-Davidson. It was by far one of the more unique bikes on the show. It featured a Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, boasts the first Harley-Davidson factory-installed 21” front wheel, a unique exhaust, and a luxurious, super-premium paint scheme, and dual bending valve front suspension. Most importantly, it looks awesome! Would we want one? Yes, please! It is definitely worth every penny... and then some!

5 Worthless: Piney's Tri-Glide

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Another worthless SOA bike is Piney’s three-wheeled Harley Davidson Electra Tri-Glide with a twin cam engine and six-speed transmission. Mainly because the three wheels mean it's no longer a motorcycle - it's a trike.

While we did like that Piney continued to ride after his health began failing him, trikes are usually ridden by wannabes who are too scared to ride a proper bike. Piney's trike did have some mods that helped him haul his oxygen canister around while riding, and the SOA Reaper graphic on the tank with an oxygen mask was cool - but other than that it gets a thumbs down from us.

4 Worthless: Linc's Triumph Bonneville

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While old British motorcycles are kind of cool, especially when modified and turned into a sleek café racer, Lincoln “Linc” Potter's bike doesn't really excite us. In fact, we find it worthless. Fair enough, it stood out a bit on the show just because it wasn't a Harley, but there's nothing really special going on here. British bikes may have given Harleys a run for their money back in the day, but an old Triumph compared to newer machinery from Milwaukee is never gonna end well for the Brit.

Making it worse, it was ridden by the Assistant U.S. Attorney investigating the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club on the show. No thanks, we don't want an old, unreliable bike.

3 Worthless: Opie's Panhead Restoration

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Opie was a club legacy as Piney's son, and being born into the MC culture motorcycles were in his blood, which explains why he had a modern, reliable Harley for everyday riding, and that he also liked spending time restoring this classic Panhead.

While a Panhead really isn't worthless in a monetary sense, it's pretty much worthless as a daily bike. Motorcycle club members need reliable bikes, and old vintage Harleys just aren't reliable. You'll rarely see any bikes like this on ride-outs, they're mostly used as bar hoppers and show bikes. If you still want to get yourself a Panhead you might want to consider having another bike as well, at least if you enjoy actually riding motorcycles and not just wrenching.

2 Worthless: Jax's Restored «Knucklehead»

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During the seven seasons we followed the Sons on their adventures, we saw plenty of bikes come and go, but out of all the bikes on the show, there was one that stood out. John Teller's 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead.

In season 6 the clubhouse was blown up, and with it, the Knucklehead. Jax salvaged it in order to maintain the link with his late father and painted the bike blue to match the club colors, and we got to see him riding it in the show's final episode. Except for the bike we got to see him ride wasn't the Knucklehead. The show's creators didn't want to ruin a classic bike, so they modified a 2013 Harley Softail to look like it, which means it's worthless.

1 Worthless: Half-Sack's Dyna

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As a SAMCRO prospect, Half-Sack didn't quite fit in with "the big boys." Nowhere was this more evident than his white bike, which made him stand out from the group even more readily than his giant "PROSPECT" patch. The bike was clearly a not-so-subtle hint towards his outsider status. At least he would be easy to spot when they were riding together.

We're just not feeling the whole white bike thing. If it wasn't a club where everyone rode black bikes things might've been different. As far as the bike itself goes, it is a Dyna, so it's one of the best machines to ever emerge from Milwaukee... just sort out that bodywork and it'll be fine. Until then, nope, we don't want it!

Sources: BikeBound, Complex & Motorbiketimes

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