10 Bikes Only Squids Could Love (And 10 Perfect Custom Choppers)

For many, motorcycles are the best invention ever made and are most definitely better than planes, trains, and you guessed it, automobiles. Think about it. Motorcycles are not only lighter and easier to move around but they are also durable and reliable than a lot of cars around at the moment. Plus, in most cases, they are much faster.

That's right, motorbikes can now pick up the same pace as an average car and can even now and again outrun a supercar—well, we like to think so anyway. Yes, the world would be a quieter place without them, so it's a good thing that the motorcycling industry is thriving now more than ever.

Over the last few years, the modification boom has most certainly taken off, with planes, trains, and automobiles all receiving makeovers—times a hundred. Thankfully, motorcycles are also involved and mostly do well with customizations. In fact, some have turned out insanely amazing and have somewhat flipped the motorcycling game on its head. However, on the other hand, some bikes have received some awful attention and have seemingly been made to look worse.

Sadly, the modification boom has allowed a number of amateurs to have a go at improving their bikes and cars, with the "anybody's a mechanic" attitude most definitely present. So, let's take a look at 10 ways squids always mess up their bikes and 10 perfect custom choppers.

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20 Only Squids Love: Too Big To Handle

via youtube

Sometimes, custom motorcycle makers don't quite know when to stop, especially with regards to the size. Take this beast (pictured above) a gigantic motorcycle that was featured on hit reality television show, The Diesel Brothers. Although the idea was fun and somewhat interesting, to say the least, the end result was a hodgepodge of terrible decision-making, design, and engineering. That's right, the motorcycle (which is also diesel-powered) is far too big to handle and almost impossible to ride. Can you imagine taking this beast out on the streets? In fact, would you even want to? No, thanks.

19 Only Squids Love: The Tiger

via instructables

Tigers are one of the most beloved animals in the entire world and have inspired a number of fabrics, paintings, and overall designs. Motorcycles are also extremely popular, with the method of transportation now one of the most well-loved modes of transportation across the globe. Therefore, it seems like such an obvious decision to put the two of them together, right? No! Sadly, no motorcycle looks good in tiger stripes, with the concept failing at the first hurdle and looking silly rather than cool. This rule also goes for all other animal skins such as Zebra and Leopard skin inspired motorcycles.

18 Only Squids Love: RV Motorcycle

via rvwheellife

RVs are expensive, therefore it is no surprise to see some people getting inventive with regards to the way in which they combat the hefty price tags of transportation today. Take this motorhome motorcycle, for instance, a custom-made motorhome that was once a lonely old standard motorbike. Yes, the motorhome, which is painted in canary yellow with accompanying orange flames, is one of the most eye-catching RVs in the world, and most certainly turns heads wherever it goes. Interestingly, the idea is a popular one, with thousands of amateur inventors turning their old motorcycles into outlandish motorhomes and caravans

17 Only Squids Love: Tank Engine

via autotrader

Who says customizing your vehicles can't be fun? The sidecar is one of the most popular motorcycle modifications of the day and can be designed with all sorts of new and interesting ideas. However, this owner didn't quite cut the mustard when it came to enhancing their vehicle, with the sidecar ending up more like a child's toy. Yes, it might look amusing but sidecars are meant to be standard passenger seats and are also supposed to match the body of the original motorcycle. Unfortunately, most people don't seem to follow these rules and end up with cheap knock-offs, which can actually be rather dangerous.

16 Only Squids Love: Australia Bike

via ozbike

Sometimes, custom concepts can be quite difficult, especially when the brief is something extremely simple and uncreative. Take the "Australia" motorcycle, for example, a bike that was solely based on the continent of Kangaroos and dangerous insects. Sadly, the crew at Orange County Choppers also had no idea what to do, with their knowledge of Australia being somewhat limited. As a result, the bike turned out rather basic, and instead filled with stereotypes and cliches. For instance, the bike featured a shark fin, a boomerang, and a large Aussie flag. Then, just to make matters worse, a large picture of the Harbour Bridge was also included.

15 Only Squids Love: The Ferrari Motorcycle

via topgear

Ferrari is arguably the best car manufactures in the world, if not the best. Therefore, you would think that the Ferrari motorcycle would just be as good? Wrong. Sadly, the Ferrari motorcycle is nothing compared to its bigger and more powerful brothers and has caused a bit of embarrassment for the company. So, how did it even come about? The bike was built from scratch by motorcycle maker Dave Kay, who had written to Ferrari asking for permission. The idea was meant to be a tribute to the legendary Enzo Ferrari, who actually began his own racing career on bikes. However, the bike was a let-down and was never spoken of again.

14 Only Squids Love: Hearse Motorcycle

via lilliesfuneraldirectors

People really will create anything these days, won't they? The hearse motorcycle really is one of the tackiest things in the world and for some could be considered as an insult. However, it does serve a purpose, especially to the biking community. That's right, many bikers and those who belong to motorcycle clubs often prefer to use bikes at funerals rather than cars. Yes, their love for motorcycles even follows them into the beyond, with the bike hearse a firm favorite among those who have passed away. Furthermore, the hearse bike is also seen as somewhat small comfort for those who might be planning their last rites.

13 Only Squids Love: Half Boat Half Bike

via pinterest

Everyone loves an invention, especially ones that involve two things that shouldn't really go together. The boat bike is exactly that, with numerous attempts and efforts created throughout the years. Sadly, none of them have quite pulled through with regards to safety and design—but that doesn't stop people from trying. For instance, a number of motorcycles have now attached boat side-cars to the side of their vehicles in order to try sailing the waves. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, boat bikes will start to become an actual thing, with the future of transportation becoming a very exciting place.

12 Only Squids Love: The Statue Of Liberty Bike

vi libertybike

New York! The city that never sleeps! Although it probably wishes that it could sleep after seeing this unfortunate bike. Yes, the so-called "Statue of Liberty" motorcycle was another design seen on the hit show American Chopper. The motorcycle was designed to celebrate Lady Liberty's 125th anniversary, therefore, you'd think that a bit more effort would have gone into the design. Sadly, this wasn't the case and the copper framework and tacky wheel structure somewhat fell flat. As a result, the bike is often regarded as one of the least liked bikes ever to have been built on the show.

11 Only Squids Love: The NHL

via youtube

This bike has gained somewhat of a bad reputation over the years and regularly crops up on lists of terrible motorcycles. Yes, for some reason the crew at Orange County Choppers (garage to hit show American Choppers) felt it appropriate to design a bike in honor of the National Hockey League. Sadly, the concept did not quite work, and the NHL bike was more of a failure than anything. In fact, the bike is probably one of the worst choppers ever designed on the show, so much so that it created a number of arguments between crew members. That's right, despite its awfulness, it still managed to create quite the storm.

10 Perfect Custom: Eragon

via motortrendondemand

Surely you can only expect good things with a name like Eragon? Yes, the Eragon chopper (based on the dragon, of course) is one of the best custom-made choppers in the world, mostly due to its intricate design and beautiful color. The bike was inspired by the 2006 movie of the same name, a movie that has now become a somewhat cult favorite. It seems the bike has also gained some notoriety over time, especially due to its dragon-like features. Yes, from the handlebars to the saddle, the whole bike has been designed to resemble the body of a dragon, with the rider said to act as the head.

9 Perfect Custom: Glow In The Dark

via pinterest

Firstly, all you need to do is just look at it and you can see how it cool it is. Yes, the glow in the dark bike already wins just by aesthetics and is one of the most beautiful bikes in the world. However, the use of LED lights has caused quite a stir in the motorcycling world and has somewhat split opinions. For instance, many believe that the LED lights are actually rather dangerous and could be seen as a distraction for other drivers causing them to become confused and drive in the wrong direction. Nevertheless, they still look pretty cool and also come in a range of different colors.

8 Perfect Custom: Nutcracker

via prestigeonlinestore

Firstly, this bike wins just for the name itself. Yes, the excellently named "Nutcracker" is regularly voted as one of the best custom-made motorcycles in the world and has won a number of awards to prove it. That's right, the bike won Best in Show at the prestigious Bulldog Bash in 2014 and was also created by legendary designer, Paul Milbourn. In fact, the bike has often been referred to as the UK's engineering at its best, comparing it to the likes of Bentley, Jaguar, and Aston Martin. Yes, the Nutcracker looks more like a work of art than an actual real-life working motorcycle.

7 Perfect Custom: Motorbike With Plane Engine

via pinterest

The guys at West Coast Choppers certainly upped their game when it was announced that they had started dabbling in airplane engines mixed with motorcycles. That's right, the bike pictured above was built by legendary bike designer Jesse James, who admitted that the project was a difficult one. Yes, James recently confessed that the hardest part of the process was taking power from the rear of the engine rather than the front, where the propeller should be. However, in the end, everything worked out fine, with the bike now considered to be a work of art more than anything.

6 Perfect Custom: Nurbs

via pinterest

The Nurbs motorcycle looks as if it has been picked out from the future and sent back to the past to make all other motorcycles feel silly. Yes, this motorcycle certainly puts the future in futuristic and should really belong in a science fiction movie with a robot for a driver. Thankfully, the motorcycle is right here in the present and was built by notorious motorcycle designer, Fred "Kruger" Bertrand. In fact, the whole design—inside and out—is stunning, with the bike featuring six cylinders, seven computers, and adaptive headlights all ready to destroy any competing custom-made motorcycles. It really is that good.

5 Perfect Custom: 1930 KJ Henderson Custom

via pinterest

The 1930 KJ Henderson is one of the most unique motorcycles in the world. Seriously, have you ever seen anything quite like this bike? Probably not. That's right, art deco motorcycles are seriously one of a kind, with the 1930 KJ Henderson likely to be the only art deco inspired in the world. Yes, the motorbike looks like something you'd find in a museum more than a race track. However, although it might look old, it certainly isn't, with the bike packing a cool inline-four, air-cooled engine, yes this bike is a powerful little thing. The 1930 KJ Henderson is a favorite among motorcycling enthusiasts, and we can certainly see why.

4 Perfect Custom: Geico

via youtube

The Geico is one of the best builds to have ever come out of Orange County Choppers but also one of the most infamous. That's right, the bike was responsible for one of the biggest arguments ever to feature on American Choppers, with father and son, Paul Senior and Paul Junior, nearly coming to blows. However, although it created the chaos, the bike cemented Paul Junior as a legitimate designer, which then pushed him to leave the show and start his own business. The bike, which was inspired by the Geico Insurance Company, is regarded as one of Paul's most iconic designs, mostly due to the eye-catching paintwork and intricate features.

3 Perfect Custom: The Cadillac 

via topspeed

The Cadillac name has enough positive connotations to last a lifetime, therefore, it seems only natural for a bike with the same name to have the same success. The bike was featured on the show, Senior Vs Junior, a spin-off that saw father and son, Paul Senior and Paul Junior, go against each other with their own designs and creations. The Cadillac, which was created by Paul Junior, was certainly one of the highlights of the show and definitely generated the most interest and praise. In fact, the bike was so successful that it was later auctioned off for charity.

2 Perfect Custom: Bebop

via pauljrdesigns

All you have to do is just look at this thing to appreciate its incredible beauty. Yes, the aesthetics are most certainly pleasing, with the bike often voted as one of the most beautiful customs made bikes in the world. However, the bike usually divides opinion, with some people not quite understanding the unique features. That's right, over the years the bike has been labeled "ridiculous" or "embarrassing" because of the spikes and the strange positioning of the exhaust. On the other hand, the motorcycle has been praised for its creativity and uniqueness, with many highlighting the fact that no other bike on the planet looks like that. They've got a point.

1 Perfect Custom: Thunderbike Unbreakable

via thunderbikecustoms

The majority of these bikes look as if they have come straight from the future. That's right, the Thunderbike Unbreakable is exceptionally futuristic what with its intricate design and sleek appearance. In fact, the bike was originally based on a Harley-Davidson, with the notorious motorcycling manufacturer a prominent feature in the body. Since its release, the bike has won numerous awards, from Best Custom and Best in Show at Arneitz, to 1st Place at the Bike Week in Faak (both in Austria). However, the most surprising thing about it is that it took just six months to design and build. How is that even possible?

Sources: Jalopnik, Cycle World, and Wikipedia.

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