25 Bizarre Truck Trailers That'll Raise Eyebrows

One of the things that it seems pretty clear to me that we need in this world is our ability to transport tons of goods in one trip. Now, we do this in a number of ways. Some of these goods are flown from country to country. Other goods are sent via cargo ship across the oceans. But ultimately, one way or another, all of these goods are transported via cargo trucks of one sort or another.

Typically, I think we are all accustomed to seeing big transport trucks trailers hauled by Mack trucks all across the country. They are usually pretty boring. I mean sure, they have a logo, or maybe some image wrapped on the side of the trailer, but it's nothing too out of the ordinary by any stretch of the imagination. That's for sure. But we're not here to look at the boring everyday transport trailers we're used to. Of course not.

No, we're here to take a look at some of the weirdest transport trailers around the world. There are some pretty strange trailers out there, and I can imagine people just as strange who want to haul them. And then there are some pretty weird ones that are necessary designs, just not all that common to us regular, everyday normal folk. Anyways, get comfy and strap in for the long haul.

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25 Merlin's Magical Trailer


Well, I have to say that whoever commissioned this transport trailer's design has definitely got an interesting imagination. I don't think I have ever seen Merlin casting some magic out across a kingdom spread across a transport trailer. It doesn't really seem to fit, but there it is. The locks on the back doors of the truck are even used as a cell gate to keep in a mystical creature. And the trailer and truck connect as the face of a dragon...

24 Double Duty


Wow. I sometimes forget that there are such gigantic machines in our world that we have managed to create. It's not every day that people see these giant work vehicles, nor is it every day that people get to see these massive trucks moved from one location to another via two smaller trucks. I imagine that it's got to be kind of difficult to get the machine on the two flatbeds...and then driving these trucks together has got to be difficult too...especially on turns and when there's oncoming traffic!

23 Colani Biodesign Codex Show


This is a very interesting concept for a transport truck and trailer, that's for sure. Especially since this comes from the Colani Biodesign Codex Show. This is a show that takes place in Milan to show concepts, designs, and products of the future with a basis in nature being the center of each product and each build. I guess that's why there are so many nice curves and slopes to this, rather than hard, inorganic edges but...it's still hard to tell where the "natural" influence comes from.

22 Will Smith's Two-Story Film Trailer

via andersonmobileestates

Alright, so in terms of moving goods for the general population, Will Smith is not really doing anything like that. Other than hauling his massive, two-story transport trailer around from set to set so that we can all enjoy whatever film he comes out with next, that is. His trailer has more square footage than my giant three-bedroom apartment. I know that actors often have their own trailers on the back lot of a set, but this is just a little ridiculous.

21 Mad Max War Rig


Oh, come on. There is no way we were going to be talking about transport trailers without talking about Mad Max: Fury Road. I mean, the War Rig is just a pretty sweet-looking deal. It has a turret on the back and on the front of the tanker and the whole setup is just really cool and really imposing. This is certainly one of the coolest transport trailers in the entire car-ticle, that's for sure, even if it's not the most efficient or productive.

20 Transporting World's Longest Car


This is just absurd, I think. There is something about a transport trailer that is longer than a strip mall that only has maybe a total of 20 or so wheels hauling a car that is, itself, also longer than a strip mall that is just a little too much for me. It really makes me wonder what some people are spending their time on. That being said, there are probably plenty of people going through this car-ticle so...I guess it just depends on what people are into.

19 The Kung Fu Truck


I would love to know what was going through someone's mind when they designed the decor on both this truck and this trailer. I'm sure they just wanted to be really cool...or somehow there is a kung fu-styled company for either fuel or water, and that is even extra weird if that is the case. Either way, there are some interesting markings and decals on this outfit that really made this a great entry for weird transport trailers—very weird, that is.

18 Pepsi Paint Job

via behance

This is a very strange trailer. It really does look like there are just a bunch of Pepsi crates that are stuck upside down in the back of this open trailer, right? It really does look like that. However, what this really happens to be a very well-painted transport trailer that makes it look as though these crates are upside down in the trailer...when all it really happens to be is the outside of the trailer. This is an exceptional paint job...no matter how strange it is.

17 A Little Oversized


This is incredibly large. This is the interesting thing about the way our industries work these days. Everything has to be big. And then it has to be bigger. And then it has to be bigger than everything else that anyone else has. And so, when arms and munitions and containers and vessels are transported, we need the ability to move all of that equipment. The trailer for this giant piece is actually two separate platforms with an incredible distance between them.

16 Self-Driving Transport


This is pretty cool but I have to say that this is also pretty worrisome to me as well. There is something about a trailer that is driven around with no one behind a wheel in the cab that kind of makes me nervous. What if something goes wrong? There is no one to stop anything from happening here. This could potentially be the cause of a few collisions in the future. However, it could also make for far more efficient deliveries because this self-driving truck does not need to sleep. It only stops to fuel up.

15 Reliable Hotrod


I'm not sure that "Reliable" is the sort of word that should have been pasted onto the trailer of this transport unit. Why? Well, I know that this all looks cool, especially since the trailer matches the hotrod-looking Mack truck hauling the thing. But take a quick look at the front end of that truck and I'm sure anyone could figure out just why this might not be the most reliable truck and trailer. Look how low it is to the ground!

14 Promotion Trailer


There are some strange trailers out there, make no mistake, but I think that one of the weirdest has to be this one that folds out to become a storefront. This is basically the future equivalent of those vacuum salesmen of the 1950s. Or those traveling tonic sleazeballs from the late-1800s. Anyone can just drive into a lot, fold out their store from the inside of the trailer, and start selling whatever they can, hoping to afford just keeping the thing on the road!

13 Lightning McQueen's Transport


What is pretty interesting and weird about this truck is not only that it is based on the truck that transports Lightning McQueen in the Disney-Pixar film Cars, but also that the truck itself is seemingly made to look like Lightning McQueen, as well. Is the truck supposed to hold McQueen? Or be McQueen? Either way, it's still strange to give a truck eyes and a mouth. Esepcially when no one can drive while those eyes are there.

12 A Transport Hotel!?


Sometimes, I really have to wonder just what is going on in the minds of people who do certain things. This is not only a transport trailer but this is also a hotel. This is a rolling hotel. I can't imagine that it is all that comfy, by any stretch of the imagination, but there does seem to be a rooftop patio on the top of the first trailer of this mobile hotel. The idea is cool, but I think that the actual product is pretty strange.

11 The Harley Trailer


This is just bizarre and it also really did make me chuckle out loud when I first looked at it. I mean, it's one thing to have a transport trailer with Harley-Davidson written on the side. That is pretty normal. People have to transport those bikes around in the offseason somehow. But to then make the front end not a truck, but a giant bike, with a very strange covering on it, that just makes the whole outfit weird, for sure.

10 Very Awkward...


I actually struggle to fathom just how this truck and trailer setup even works. Especially since there is more than one truck attached to this giant convoy of cargo. There are so many wheels involved in this thing and...I could not picture being a car driving along in the other lane as this giant mechanical worm took over the entire stretch of road. The driver of this convoy has got to be very skilled. I think they'd have to be not to crush every vehicle around them.

9 Ferrari World!


This is something fun. Welcome to Ferrari World. For those readers here who have no idea about Ferrari World...it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It's basically a very expensive theme park-museum all about Ferrari. This is in Abu Dhabi and what we're looking at here are two technical trucks for Ferrari race cars. Obviously, the staircases and canopy between the two trucks were added after the fact. It is a very weird setup, but also very informative.

8 Camping...With A Monster Truck? 


This is a very interesting trailer, that's for sure. I mean, not only does this trailer have a camper as part of it, but it also has a flatbed complete with a monster truck sitting on it. How incredibly ridiculous is that? I mean, if this is the person's way of life in that they wholly live in the trailer and they also make a living driving the monster truck, then I guess that is actually pretty cool. But it is still pretty weird, either way.

7 Havana Camel "Bus"


I didn't realize that Cuba had a bus system quite like this. Apparently, in Havana, there is a Mack truck bus system that hauls what is called the Camel Bus. It's not really a bus, as one can clearly see, but this trailer is used in that way. It is pretty cool, I think, but I also think that it looks like a circus train car more than an actual bus. Either way, I'm kind of surprised that Cuba has access to this sort of stuff, low tech though it is.

6 Autonomous Concept


I have to admit that I am very glad to know that this is nothing more than a concept. Sure, this actually does look pretty cool but what this concept image happens to be is an autonomous setup for transport and freight trucks. I really am not comfortable with a computer doing all the work. Sometimes, I get worried about cruise control because I am not fully in control of the car. Sometimes I even like not having power steering when I drive, so this is just too much for me.

5 1983 Steinwinter Supercargo 2040


Oh, the 80s were truly a different time. This is very reminiscent of a lot of the concepts coming out these days for driverless transport trucks and trailers. The big difference here, though, is that this trailer is actually being hauled by a truck underneath it, which is actually equipped with a human driver. I would not want to be a driver of a truck like this. I would be too afraid that the trailer might end up crushing me. The setup is pretty weird.

4 Over 60 Tires Long!


Alright, so this gigantic trailer is actually sort of hard to capture overall, at least from as close up as this shot was taken. This trailer is equipped with 60 tires, so that might give you a good idea of just how long it is. I mean, a typical transport truck and trailer has 18 wheels. This has 60! How nutty is that!? It is also pretty nutty when thinking about just how low this trailer manages to get to the ground. I'm sure this must scrape along the pavement fairly often.

3 Oversized 36-wheeler!


That is a very, very wide trailer. I mean, look at that truck and then look at the width of the trailer in comparison. Imagine how many vehicles this trailer has forced off the road. I bet there have been quite a few. Look at the lines on the road and just see how far it goes over. I mean, the truck itself has to go over the lines just to keep one side from going into the ditch. Certainly, this is not the typical trailer people are used to seeing around.

2 Wind Turbine Transport...


This is actually really cool, even though, to look at it, it is also very strange. I mean, this is a giant trailer carrying a giant turbine prop and the only way for this thing to take a turn like the truck is working at here is for the trailer to have wheels that swivel like casters on an office chair, essentially. I'm guessing that the driver must be able to control the wheels of this trailer from the cab of the truck, otherwise, I feel like this prop would end up falling off the bridge.

1 The Tesla Semi


This is a pretty cool idea that may never actually see the light of day. This is a project that was already meant to have hit the road in one way or another but I guess with all of the stuff going on in the Tesla company, and with Elon Musk himself, this hasn't quite taken off. This is the electric-powered transport truck and trailer of the future. I can't imagine how long it would take the charge one of these giants, though...

Sources: TheVerge, BusinessInsider, and InsideEvs

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