BMW Could Cut 3 Series GT By 2020

BMW Could Cut Series GT By 2020

BMW may terminate the 3 Series GT hatchback after this current generation has run its course.

At one point in the near past, hatchbacks were all the rage. If you were a compact carmaker, then it had a hatch instead of a trunk almost every time. In Europe, hatchbacks still hold a special place for their greater interior space than coupes and their ability to maneuver around tight streets.

Unfortunately for BMW, their 3 Series GT didn’t capture the European propensity for hatchbacks as much as they’d like. Sales are way below expectations for the 3 Series GT, so much so that there are now rumors that the car won’t survive to see its next redesign.

According to sources within the company speaking to BMWBlog, the German automaker is going to cancel the GT at the end of its current production run in June of 2020. So far there are no plans for a replacement, but the regular Gran Turismo version of the car will, of course, stay on for those with a real desire for a 3 Series BMW.


Reports suggest that BMW will instead focus their efforts on the 4 Series Gran Coupe, which is also set to end its current production run in 2020, but will almost certainly be replaced the following year. We say “almost certainly” since the 4 Series will serve as the platform for the upcoming i4 electric vehicle that will be coming out in 2021.

BMW Could Cut Series GT By 2020
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BMW loves to save on costs by sharing components across its many, many cars. It’s how they can afford to create a coupe and sedan at every possible size imaginable. The BMW i4 will be the German automaker's mass-production electric car, and although it is said to take many of its design cues from the i Vision Concept, it makes more sense for it to take the chassis and various mechanical components from its closest conventional sibling.

There are some saying that the 3 Series GT could indeed be replaced by something more closely resembling a crossover, as that is now the more popular body style. Think of an even smaller version of the X3 but with more coupe styling. Crossover Coupes are all the rage amongst luxury carmakers for their popularity in one of the biggest and growing car markets in the world: China.


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