BMW 8 Series Leaked Photos Reveal Refreshed Look

The BMW 8 Series is set for a refresh, and while its official debut is in June, some leaked photos can give enthusiasts an idea of what to expect.

Check Out The BMW 8 Series Leaked Interior

Photos of the all-new BMW 8 series have leaked ahead of its June debut.

Sometimes, you really gotta wonder about carmakers. If they wanted to keep something a secret, why do they park the prototype model in a public underground parking lot? For that matter, why drive them on public roads at all? Can’t they just use some of their many billions of dollars and create a fake town to drive around in? They could call it "Falseland" or something.

Actually, it turns out Falseland is a dramatic horror comedy directed by Justin Verley and starring Elijah Burns, David Sumner, and Dillon John Dailidonis. But the principal point remains strong.

But back to the BMW 8 series. The German automaker is busily refreshing its entire lineup and the Eights are some of the last to get the all-new treatment. We’re expecting BMW to spare no expense for their flagship model, and if these spy photos are anything to go by, they haven’t.

Parked in a lonely parking garage is an all-new and all-gorgeous 850i M Sport convertible just waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Even with the zebra-skin camouflage, the unmistakably clean lines of the 8 series are impossible to miss.


But even better than that are the interior photos that show us BMW has spared nothing on the interior. Black and red leather pull off the usual sporty look of an M series car, while the all-new digital instrument cluster gives us a preview of what we’ll find on the upcoming Z4, which shares the same tech.

On the center console, we see an understated 8-inch screen that likely controls the infotainment and navigation, but we see as well that BMW hasn’t become allergic to buttons and knobs like so many other luxury carmakers. An electronic shifter sits beside a dial that almost certainly controls the traction control system.

The new BMW 8 series debuts June 15, 2018, so mark your calendars.


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