Complete Guide To BMW's Car Lineup

If you wanted to know more about BMW's fantastic car lineup, then look no further.

Since the early years of the 1900's, countries around the world made wonderful innovations that would completely change people's lifestyle. A great example of such a creation would be the invention of automobiles; allowing for fast transportation and much more later on.

Some used this new resource and thrived till even today, particularly the once small Bavarian automaker known now as Bavarian Motor Works. Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) has been around for over a century and have constantly revolutionized the respective industries of each of their models. Their cars are seen as one of the best luxury and sports vehicles out there, but what else is there to know about a corporation like BMW? To delve deeper into that question, here's a comprehensive guide to BMW's vehicle lineup...

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10 Reputation

Before the early-1960's, BMW was a manufacturer mostly delegated to Germany and most of Europe. However, this doesn't mean they didn't still produce great cars. During the '20s till now, BMW has been regarded as an outstanding carmaker which continually release just as outstanding vehicles.

The biggest issue many Americans and non-Europeans have with brands like BMW is their repair costs and M.S.R.P. Of course, with the high build quality, reputation for luxury/powerful sports cars, and beautiful lineup, it's now wonder why millions of consumers overlook that problem.

Not only do they have a reputation of good daily drivers, but also race cars too. If you look into motor sports throughout the decades, you'll surely come across a lot of BMW victories and championships in multiple series.

9 Safety

With the litany of choices in automakers nowadays, consumers have much more variety and options than ever before. One reason why so many people flock to BMW isn't just the looks and status, but their safety rating as well.

Even throughout the 1960's to now, BMW has been well known for their revolutionary steps towards driver safety. Today, all new BMWs come standard with the best-of-the-best in terms of technology; including, but not limited to, driver assists, parking assists, passive mode, automated emergency service contact, and many more. Before too long, we may even see a completely self-driving BMW.

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8 Sedans

Of all BMW's vehicles in their repertoire, perhaps their most popular would be the sedans: Great cars for everything from driving the kids to school to showing off to your neighbors, odds are a BMW sedan can do it.

In BMW's current lineup their list of sedans is as follows: The 3-Series, 5-Series, 7-Series, the i3 (If you count it as a sedan), and each of these series' respective 'M' alternatives. Most of these different series have similar engine-specs and performance levels (Such as the 528i and 328i), with the exception of a different design and wheel-base. The 3-Series is much more focused on a typical sedan, while models like the 5-Series and 7-Series have a closer focus on luxury. However, they still dabble into the realm of high end performance and sleek styling.

7 Sports/Coupes

Now, if sports cars and jaw-dropping coupes are your goal, then you've come to the right place. After all, BMW is a leader in the sports car industry, and has been since before their entry into the motor sport scene.

Looking at BMW's sports cars/coupes sort of feels like being a kid in a candy shop. With the list including models like the 2-series (M235i, M240i, 230i, and M2), 4-Series (428i, 430i, 440i, and M4), brand new 8-Series (840i, M850i, and M8), and the futuristic i8/i8 Roadster, it's easy to get taken aback at first.

Obviously, this is a lot to choose from and can be overwhelming to some. Don't be dismayed, though, for the process is quite simple. If you're looking for top-of-the-line performance, go for the 'M' designated vehicles. On the other hand, if you just want a nice coupe without ludicrous amounts of money, then feel free to look into the 2-Series and 4-Series (Since the 8-Series is still very costly).

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6 SUVs

To differentiate themselves form your standard S.U.V. (Sports Utility Vehicle), BMW thought it was time to change themselves up a bit. Instead of referring to their off-road capable cars as SUVs, they've gone for a more "sophisticated" designation of S.A.V. (Sports Activity Vehicle).

Regardless of the name change, they're still very much the same category of car. As such, BMW has the following models: X1, X2, X3, X3 M, X4, X4 M, X5, X5 M, X6 M, and X7. Like before, the M models are more performance-oriented, but are still luxury utility cars. As far as the different X numbers are concerned, each one (Basically) illustrates the vehicles's size and price. The further up you go, the more expensive and luxurious the vehicle gets. Nevertheless, BMW has made sure to include vehicles of all price ranges for every consumer.

5 Hatchbacks

Due to dissimilarities in each country's regulations regarding safety, emissions, and so on, some vehicles don't always make it to every market. To see an example of this, observe brands like BMW, which have several vehicles not allowed in The States, particularly their hatchbacks.

Just about every BMW sedan has a hatchback alternative, such as the 3-Series', 5-Series', and 6-Series Gran Turismo. This, however, is not including the several models that aren't in the U.S. like the 2-Series Touring/Gran Tourer and 1-series. The latest 2-Series promises to come to American markets, but there will still be a handful of vehicles not everyone has access to here. Either way, you can still find a good hatchback in BMW's lineup in the Gran Coupe and Gran Turismo (GT) versions.

4 Electric/Hybrids

Surprisingly, Tesla isn't the only company to make waves in the electric and hybrid fields. In fact, BMW has had quite a lot of success with the ladder, especially in reference to their i-Series.

Beginning in 2011, BMW released the i-series: A hybrid, plug-in electric vehicle that would be able to save money on gas, help the environment, and look good doing it. So far, the only i-Series vehicles out are the i8, i8 Roadster, and i3. However, there are other plug-in electric cars like their 530e and 745e xDrive.

Of course, the cost of getting into the electric/hybrid club can be expensive, chiefly with the i8 models (And other BMWs in general). Before too long, though, more and more manufacturers will eventually add affordable electric alternatives.

3 Budget (Low End)

Overall, BMW isn't the best company to look at if you want a brand new vehicle at a lower than average cost. Due to the extreme levels of engineering and care taken when making their vehicles, they will usually charge a good bit for the privilege. Nonetheless, there's still some options for the everyman.

Of their new models, the cheapest are easily the 2-Series (For its small size) and the 3-Series (For its abundant use/production). Evidently, you could always purchase a much older model: Like the E36 3-Series, E38 7-Series, E46 3-Series, E92/E90 3-Series, E60 5- Series, the older Z-Series, and too many more to list. It's up to the buyer, but do not discount the possibility of finding a good, reliable, and cheap BMW from years ago.

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2 Budget (Higher End)

Assuming that you've got a lot of cash burning a hole in your pocket, there's plenty of places to get rid of it fast, especially at BMW dealerships around the world. For those with the funds, BMW is the perfect place for great luxury and sporting vehicles.

In their lineup, the most performance oriented is their M-Series: Professionally tuned sports cars that can tear up the track anytime. These consist of various vehicles in their lineup, all the way from the M2 to the X6 M. They will clearly cost a large sum (Some over $120,000), but, in turn, you'll own the epitome of comfort, reliability, speed, and beauty, as long as you're not a Mercedes fan...

1 Extra Information

All in all, BMW is a great company. They've consistently produced well-built vehicles that go above and beyond when accomplishing their goals. Their lineup of vehicles keep getting more advanced/competent and sleeker, however, don't discount the classics.

Millions of BMW lovers around the world love the new models, obviously, but find their heart's still with the classics. This is the reason why vehicles like the legendary BMW E30 M3 go for almost $100,000 at times; they're a piece of automotive greatness that may never be captured again.

If you're interested in BMW's past, then get ready, because they have no shortage of aesthetically pleasing and fun antiques on the market.

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