BMW Chief Says New M3 Will Have 480hp & 510hp Options For Buyers

BMW boss Markus Flasch has confirmed that the new M3 will offer both 480hp and 510hp.

Flasch, who heads the Germany company's M division, spoke to Car Magazine in a recent interview and revealed that the next G80 M3 will be fitted with the same twin-turbo six-cylinder from the X3 M and X4 M crossovers.

“The next BMW M3 will have the brand new S58 engine that we’re launching in the X3 M and X4 M,” he said. “It will have 480bhp in the standard version and 510bhp in the Competition version.

"Drivetrain-wise, think about the M5's all-wheel-drive system - we are able to put it in the M3 as well. It'll be very similar. But we will also do rear-wheel-drive cars, purer ones too and a manual stick shift."

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via motor1.com

This was all general knowledge over at BMW, but this is the first time it's been put on record.

Simply put, customers will have the option of choosing a 510hp all-wheel-drive or an entry-level 480hp rear-wheel-drive, while the manual transmission will be on offer for the lower-powered M3.

The report also notes that S58 is paired with a water-injection cooler system for high-combustion temperatures.

The manual M3 was branded "Pure" during manufacturing but Flasch says it was simply a working name. These models are believed to have restyled front and rear aprons, their own wheel design an optional signature paint job, bespoke fabric and Alcantara upholstery, color-coded cabin trim, and custom instrument graphics.

Additional M3s and M4s will launch in the form of CS and CSL variants later on. And Car Mag reports that a limited-edition CSL with a full-monty body kit, racing seats, and a huge rear wing is also on the way. All of these models are expected to be unveiled in 2021.

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