Finally, BMW Develops Gyroscopic Cup Holders So You'll Never Spill Again

BMW has made the next big advancement in automotive technology: a cup holder that will never spill.

Vision M Next

It’s finally happened: a car company has made a cup holder that will never spill your drink.

That company is BMW, which should probably come as no surprise. They were the first to invent cup holders that would either heat or chill your drink, which can be found in the current X3, X5, or X7 SUVs. Now they’ve taken the next step in automotive beverage containment and created a cup holder that uses gyroscopes to keep the liquid inside the cup and not on your pants.

It can be found on the Vision M Next concept vehicle. As a reminder, the Vision M Next is a hybrid sports car that combines a 4-cylinder turbo engine with an unspecified number of electric motors for a combined 600 hp and a top speed of 184 mph. It also has an all-electric range of 62 miles, which should be more than enough to get to the grocery store and back without burning a single drop of gasoline.

The car is packed with technology, such as memory foam seats and an augmented reality head’s up display, but we’re ashamed to admit that we didn’t mention the incredible cupholders in our earlier reporting.

If you’re wondering how they work, it’s the same tech you’ll find in modern camera drones. Gyroscopes are used to keep the camera level and on target, and that same technology can be applied to cup holders.

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“Basically, you put your cup in there and if it feels the car turning, the cupholder pushes it the other way, so the drink doesn’t spill and mess up your beautiful interior,” said BMW designer Jose Alberto Casas Peña in an interview with Cars Guide.

via BMW

While we’re most impressed with the cupholder, Mr. Peña is more impressed with the car’s augmented reality system. “The augmented reality can show you your heart rate, and tell you when it’s okay to press the Boost button for maximum power, basically it’s there to help you when you’re going 250 kph,” he added.

BMW’s M Division is expected to get its own car and it might be based on the Vision M Next. We can only hope that if the car itself doesn’t see production, at least the cupholders will.

(Source: Cars Guide)

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