BMW Debut Concept M8 Gran Coupe

While the M8 hasn't hit the market, BMW wasted no time to show off the M8 Gran Coupe concept at Geneva.

The new BMW M8 has not even hit the market yet, but the German automaker has already revealed a four-door performance sedan concept version dubbed the "BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe." Most likely, the concept is being introduced as the company leads to the release of a four-door 8-series.

The Concept M8 Gran Coupe takes its lead from the four-door coupe trend, which has recently been applied to BMW's 6-series coupe and implements it on a large passenger car. There is a four-door version of the platform due in 2019.

Senior vice president BMW Group Design, Adrian van Hooydonk, said, "The BMW 8-Series will take over as the new flagship model of the BMW lineup and, as such, combines unsurpassed sportiness and elegance. The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe offers a look ahead to the most exotic and alluring variant of the new BMW 8-Series."



The design of the Concept M8 Gran Coupe features a large front fascia and a variety of other embellished elements. Hood and door surface details help to accentuate the performance the manufacturer is trying to present. The huge fascia almost overshadows the concept’s long wheelbase, which is intended to communicate performance. The car’s fastback profile leads to a ducktail trunk lid that sees a smaller cabin push far back from the front axle and helping to deliver the coupe-like profile. The vehicle that appeared at the Geneva Motor Show is painted in Saleve Vert, which appears to switch from grayish blue to green in different lighting conditions.

Domagoj Dukec, vice president Design BMW M and BMW i, said, "The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe is designed to stir things up, to polarize -- it should move you emotionally. With this car we want to reach people who are looking for something special and who want to stand out from the crowd. Here, BMW M is unmistakably taking luxury out of its comfort zone."

BMW’s 8-Series coupe and convertible will hit the market later this year, however, it will be awhile before we see an 8-Series Gran Coupe in production. It seems that BMW may have concocted the idea for the vehicle as an attempted to enter into a market tier that is currently dominated by Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Bentley. At the moment, BMW does not have models to compete with Mercedes’ S-Class Coupe or Cabrio—both of which have been highly successful. In fact, BMW’s revival of the 8-Series was due to the company’s chairman, Harald Gruger, deciding to take the brand further upmarket by focusing even more on luxury than it’s current premium luxury status. We will have to wait to see if the gamble works in a market that seems to be moving more toward the electric market than ever before.


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