BMW iNext's Screen Makes The Tesla Model 3's Look Puny

BMW iNext's Screen Makes Tesla Model 3's Look Puny

BMW is going to put a new curved display in the iNext that makes the Tesla Model 3’s 15-inch laptop screen look absolutely puny.

When the Tesla Model 3 released with every single control on its 15-inch touchscreen, we thought that was a pretty awful idea. In order to do anything at all, the driver would have to take their attention away from the road and put it on this touch screen mounted on the center dash. That includes changing tunes, seeing how fast they’re going, or changing destinations in the built-in navigation system.

One guy even got pulled over by a cop thinking that his Model 3’s touch screen was a laptop being illegally used by the driver.

BMW is taking note of the Model 3’s foibles in their upcoming iNext SUV, a technology flagship set for release sometime in 2021. In addition to having a host of autonomous driving features including full self-driving, the iNext will have a curved touchscreen display that will put all other display panels to shame.

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We were only given a teaser image of what this screen will look like, but you can see it absolutely dominate the entire dashboard of the vehicle. It takes up both the instrument cluster and infotainment spaces in a single display that’s curved towards the driver. It’s also made of non-reflective gas that apparently won’t need a sunshade, which sounds like the most futuristic thing ever invented.

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“The Curved Display is set in high-quality materials and is virtually freely suspended on the instrument panel,” explains Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design, in a press release. “This makes it a key element in terms of the modern, luxurious and generous sense of space in the BMW iNext.”

Apparently, you’ll also be able to customize the display so that it shows precisely what information you want, besides the necessary speedometer and battery gauge of course. It all sounds pretty good, but we’ll believe it when we see it in real life.

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