BMW and Jaguar Land Rover Extend Partnership To Manufacture Internal Combustion Engines

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover recently forged a partnership, as is the way of the car industry nowadays.

And according to Autocar, the companies have since extended their deal to include a variety of engines. The automakers are now reportedly set to work together on petrol, diesel, and hybrid variants, having already signed up to build electric powertrains together.

The move should be beneficial to both parties, more so JLR, with the company struggling on certain fronts as of late. They will now be able to cut back on expenditure relating to the research and development of internal combustion engines.

Jaguar is looking forward to an electric future, which is no surprise as electrification should be the go-to model in the not-too-distant future. As for BMW, they should see an increase in volume and, by extension, an increase in engine sales.

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"The recently agreed alliance between Jaguar Land Rover and BMW is set to be extended to include internal combustion engines, a source with knowledge of recent high-level discussions between the two car makers has told Autocar," the publication claims.

While nothing is set in stone just yet, the reported agreement seems pretty timely where JLR is concerned. The company's sales have declined significantly and, last year, they reported a pre-tax loss of $4.2 billion for the final quarter.

There's no information available as it relates to a date on an official announcement but a partnership over electric production was agreed over last month.

BMW's Gen 5 drive unit will form the basis for electric powertrains in future under the terms of the deal. The unit consists of an electric motor, transmission, and electronics in a single housing.

When the deal was reached in June, BMW and JLR cited the opportunity to take advantage of cost efficiencies stemming from shared development as the driving force behind it.

An extended partnership would work well in their favor and an announcement could be published pretty soon.

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