Check Out The BMW M2 Black Shadow Edition

BMW showed off the newest M2, and to make it even more special, they made a one-of-a-kind "Shadow Edition".

Check Out The BMW M2 Black Shadow Edition

BMW unveiled a new edition of their incredible M2 Coupe at Geneva last week.

Geneva just seems to be a place where everyone wants to one-up each other. There’s a million electric car makers all scrambling to show off how fast their battery-powered hypercar can go from zero to sixty while older, more established automotive industries take a step back and showcase what they can do if they didn’t need to produce everything in a giant factory.

Such is the case with BMW as they unveil their M2 Black Shadow Edition. Much like the McLaren Atlantic Blue or the Alfa Romeo Stevia Quadrifoglio NRING, the M2 Black Shadow Edition is a bespoke, one-of-a-kind creation that celebrates the storied history of perhaps the best performance car ever made by BMW.

Only it’s made in a factory with all the same available options as a standard M2.

Well, not entirely. The wheels are a matte-black alloy that you’d normally have to special order from an entirely different company, and the carbon finish mirrors and rear diffusers are all new. As are the black trim and painted black grille. Although the odds and ends are special for their blackness, the paint job is not: Sapphire Black metallic paint is a $550 extra on a regular M2.


via BMW

Under the hood, the story is much the same. The Black Edition still has the same wonderful 370 hp inline six-cylinder engine, the same 6-speed manual transmission with available 7-speed automatic (M dual clutch transmission with Drivelogic, to use BMW’s marketing language), and it still goes from 0-60 in less than 4.3 seconds.

So, the Shadowy Black edition of the car is basically the same car with an available paint job and a few carbon bits to make it look like an emotional teenager going through a goth phase. Which is interesting considering the car is only about 5 years old.

And although the car is certainly special from a performance standpoint, it’s hardly special elsewhere. BMW themselves admit that they sold 12,000 M2s worldwide in 2017 alone. The world isn’t that big a place, so the only way to stand out from the crowd is to start wearing all black, listen to German death-metal music, and accuse everyone around you of not being with the times.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but according to Car and Driver the package that comes closest costs $7,000 over the regular M2.

Nobody said dressing in all black would be cheap.


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