BMW M2 'M Performance Parts' Concept Is Heavy On Mods

BMW has unveiled the BMW M2 'M Performance Parts' Concept

The 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed has turned out to be one for the history books, thanks to many brands choosing to unveil their latest high-end offerings, from the final two Koenigsegg Agera RS Final Editions to the Singer Williams DLS Porsche 911. BMW joined the fray with the reveal of their M2 M Performance Parts concept, perhaps in an attempt to keep up with Audi, who unveiled the R8 Performance Parts simultaneously.

BMW has long offered M Performance Parts as options on their lineup of M cars, but this is the first time the German manufacturer has debuted an entire car setup by the branch —which has basically thrown the laundry list of potential upgrades onto the car. Much like the R8 and the Singer William Design and Lightweighting study, the goal seems to be to cut weight by subbing in extensive carbon fiber details, while simultaneously improving aerodynamics with revised exterior fascia and cladding (obviously in carbon fiber, as well).

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Specifically, the entire hood, roof, and trunk of the M2 Performance Parts concept are replaced with solid carbon fiber pieces, as are the front grille, front splitter, rear view mirror caps, and front side panels. Braking comes via BMW’s red package featuring ventilated compound discs and aluminum calipers front and rear. Forged lightweight alloy M Performance Parts specific wheels measure 19 inches and feature a matte finish. 

The car’s drivetrain remains stock, though on the interior, the M2 M Performance Parts concept strives to provide a track-oriented focus for the driver, with details including carbon fiber trim and an Alcantara steering wheel (complete with 12 o’clock stitched in gold) to match the improved grip of Alcantara upgraded, carbon fiber sports seats which save nearly 20 pounds relative to standard spec.

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Suspension upgrades include adjustments of up to 20 millimeters up and down, while simultaneously offering extensively variable damping settings - 12 compression stages and 16 rebound stages. Over 30 pounds alone was saved through the use of a lithium-ion battery rather than the normal M2’s standard unit.

Overall weight savings on the M2 M Performance Parts concept figure in at more than 125 pounds, though the car’s flashier features will undoubtedly draw buyers just as much as the improved performance.


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