It’s A Battle Of BMWs As M2 Takes On M4 In Drag And Rolling Races

The BMW M2 and M4 are almost the same car, save for a bit more legroom. So how do they stack up in a drag race?

It’s A Battle Of BMWs As M2 Takes On M4 In Drag And Rolling Races

The battle of the BMWs ends with a not too surprising verdict as the M4 takes on the M2 in drag and rolling races.

If you want a fast BMW, you have loads to choose from. The German carmaker makes fast versions of essentially every car they make, so your preference really comes down to how big a vehicle you’d prefer to drive.

The differences between the M2 and M4 Competition, however, are so slight that you might have a hard time telling the difference. Both cars have the same 3.0-L twin-turbo straight six-cylinder engine, with the M2 Competition getting 405 horsepower while the M4 gets 444 horsepower. Both make the same torque--406 lb-ft--so you can’t really tell the two apart until you get to the engine’s top end.

The M4 weighs just 60 lbs more than the M2, which already says you might as well get the extra legroom on the larger vehicle, and both cars share the same top speed of 174 mph.

Here’s where the differences come into play. Both cars can come in either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, but this test sees the M2 in manual form while the M4 gets the DCT. This causes the M2’s zero to sixty time to suffer a bit, coming in at 4.4 seconds compared to the M4’s 4.0 seconds.

Not that it will really matter all that much for this test video from Carwow, as the track they find themselves on is very, VERY wet.


In the straight quarter-mile test, both cars suffered off the line with a ton of wheel-slip. The M2 managed to get the early lead, but then started slipping again after shifting into second gear a little too early. Then the M4 managed to claw its way back and eke out the win by a nose.

The rolling race was decided as a tie as both cars continued to slip in the rain, although close inspection of the footage reveals the M4 to have won that race by a nose too.

Finally, we come to the lap competition. Now it’s finally stopped raining, although the track itself is still very wet. Both cars are handed over to the same driver to ensure we have a proper test, and while they both handled themselves admirably, the M4 was the clear winner with a 2-second advantage over the M2.

Really, this test isn’t so much between the M2 and the M4 as they’re almost the same car. It’s more like a test between the 6-speed manual and the 7-speed DCT. In the end, tests showed that the DCT is faster, but the manual transmission is more fun. You should base your decision on that and just pick the size of vehicle that meets your needs.


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