10 Awesome Things About BMW's Vision Next 100 Concept Car We Hope To See In The Future

Seeking to create the ultimate personal vehicle, BMW has outlined its plans for the Vision Next 100, a concept car to inspire the future.

BMW's Vision Next 100 Concept Car has surpassed all of our expectations. The design is flawless and the features it includes will blow anyone's mind. It is the epitome of what we want to be in our cars, but we want it sooner than later. A few of the features involved in the making of this vehicle are on the top of our list and we can't wait for its official release in the next hundred years.

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We have identified the details of this concept car that we would like to see in our own vehicles. It is classy and utterly profound in its technological advancements. Keep reading to learn ten awesome things about BMW's Vision Next 100 Concept Car we hope to see in the future!

10 Geometric Design

This car is literally a piece of art. The Vision Next 100's geometric design leaves us wanting more. It looks stylish and crisp, like a precursor to the refined and advanced race cars owned by future humans.

We want to prove our intellect is real and this car puts it on full display for anyone who dares to think otherwise. As everyone deserves to feel like royalty, we hope BMW's vehicle might inspire cars sooner than a hundred years from now.

9 A Living Exterior

This car incorporates something called Alive Geometry which allows the car to turn in different directions. It caters for a sleeker look and who wouldn't be impressed when your car's frame can literally adapt in order to turn a wheel.

We were mesmerized by this key feature, and praise whoever came up with the initial idea to add this onto the already amazing vehicle. This detail truly transports us to the future and we cannot wait to see what comes next.

8 Encapsulated Wheels

This was probably one of the more questionable moves made by BMW's concept car, but personally, we love it. This idea protects your wheels, and we also have the feeling they are trying to incorporate a new type of wheel design altogether.

It would be difficult to change a tire, but BMW has years to smooth out the details and we just want to see what they will come up with. It is understandable how everyone might not be on board with this, but it is an interesting idea to say the very least.

7 Handle-less Doors

We have already experienced the beauty of sensory trunks, and there are some cars who have a concept similar to this, but removing the handles altogether is a revelation. The car is given a smooth finish, and all it takes is the swipe of a hand to open a door.

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It would be great for any germaphobe who hates the idea of touching bacteria infested cars. A few people may be wondering - how you get in if it breaks? Sooner or later, BMW will cross that bridge.

6 2-Handle Steering Wheel

This two-handle steering wheel is the stuff of legends. How dare BMW mess with the archaic wheel design and replace it with something hopefully as safe and driveable. This wheel even disappears off of the dash when the car enters self-driving mode, which is great because it provides the owner with more room to sit or do whatever they want while it takes them where they need to go.

A simple touch of a button and the steering wheel is gone, but we can't wait for this simplistic idea to hit the market.

5 Warning Lights for Other Vehicles to Know When it Enters Self-Driving Mode

This is probably a feature every self-driving vehicle should have, and we can't believe it hasn't been mandated as of yet. This car has a purple diamond on the dash that lights up when the car enters self-driving mode, as well as a change in the rear lights to warn other vehicles.

It is a precaution to everyone around it in case of a malfunction and to prevent any accidents. Now you don't have to assume a car is driving itself because the vehicle will literally tell you.

4 Lounge Seating

This idea screams "take my money" because who wouldn't want to lounge within the comfort of their own vehicle. This is one car where you might demand to sit in the back because of the space presented by the lounge-like seat. They not only look comfortable but classy, which any refined person can appreciate.

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With their rectangular shape to keep your head in place, the headrests even look amazing. This idea is to die for and we hope it hits the market soon.

3 Interior Visual Reptile-like Warnings

This idea may sound annoying, but it does make driving a whole lot safer for everyone outside of the car. These little geometric shapes turn red in clicking waves to warn you of objects on your left or right side.

It helps to keep the driver aware of their surroundings with sight and sound playing a part in the game. It might seem like a lot and maybe just for show, but it keeps the driver on task and it looks cool too while doing it.

2 Interactive Windshield

This is definitely something we all need in our lives ASAP. The windshield is basically like a giant computer screen that gives you warnings, as well as pinpoints potential obstacles to watch for on the road.

This is also perfect for anyone who fails when it comes to operating a GPS because it literally paints a white line on the roadway for you to follow. This means no more guessing which highway or street to take because of a slow GPS unit.

1 Carbon Fiber & Plastic Exterior

This might not seem like a big deal to most, but carbon fiber and plastic don't rust. The technology might eventually fail you, but a rusting exterior will never be the reason you decide to buy a new car.

It also ensures you keep the fresh look for the entire life of the vehicle. It has not been done yet because it is such an expensive thing to manufacture, but in the future, it may be something worth considering before investing your money in a vehicle.

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