BMW Reveals X7 Pickup Prototype With Wood-Paneled Bed

BMW Reveals X7 Pickup Prototype With Wood-Paneled Bed

BMW has made a pickup conversion of the X7 SUV.

Germany must have some pretty cool educational opportunities judging by the latest concept vehicle unveiled by BMW. Made entirely by vocational trainees at BMW’s Munich plant and with minimal assistance from their Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions, the BMW X7 has been converted into a pickup truck.

But not just any ordinary pickup. This thing takes all the luxury found in the X7 xDrive40i and places it in a more adaptable form. Sort of.

Under the hood is the same powertrain as the base-model X7, that being a 3.0-L turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine with 340 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. Most of the SUV is retained, with all business at the front and a big pickup part at the back.

BMW Reveals X7 Pickup Prototype With Wood-Paneled Bed
via BMW

The rear two seats have been removed along with most of the roof to convert the rear portion of the SUV into a bed clad in polished teakwood. Combined with the Tanzanite Blue metallic paint, BMW says it’s supposed to give the impression of a sporting yacht. More wood can be found on the parapets, hand grips, and various bits of trim accents.

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The bed is 1.4m closed (4.6 ft) and 2m open (6.5 ft), with an overall addition of almost 4-inches to the length of the X7.

Carbon fiber on the roof, rear doors, and tailgate reduce overall weight by 441 lbs, while a new two-level height adjustable suspension makes loading into and out of the X7 pickup easier. Hooks in the bed will help keep the BMW F 850 GS motorcycle from sliding around, although it looks like a custom stand was also included in the prototype.

BMW Reveals X7 Pickup Prototype With Wood-Paneled Bed
via BMW

It took 12 trainees 10 months to complete this X7 conversion, and now that it’s done their dream is “go for a spin in the BMW X7 Pick-up after its premiere or even take it for a trip to the mountains."

So far, BMW hasn’t said if the X7 Pick-up will debut anywhere or even if they’re considering it to be an actual prototype. Which is a shame, since we think this mid-size pickup would definitely sell to a certain audience.

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