BMW Z4, Mustang GT, and Toyota Supra Go Head-To-Head In Drag Race

Mustangs are great, but can it keep up with a Toyota Supra and a BMW Z4?

Z4 Supra Mustang

A BMW Z4, Toyota Supra, and Mustang GT all square off to see which one is the fastest in a straight line.

This is a bit of a weird race. To start, two of the cars are virtually identical; the BMW Z4 and the new Toyota Supra share a platform, engine, transmission, brakes, suspension components, and electrical harness. Just about all that Toyota brought to the table is some interior styling elements and the bodywork.

Although the two cars share many mechanical components, their performance couldn’t be more different. The Z4’s 3.0-L turbocharged 6-cylinder engine reports an output of 382 hp and 361 lb-ft of torque, while the Supra has been recorded to produce just over 370 hp and well over 400 lb-ft of torque (we won’t use Toyota’s official numbers as they’ve been proven to be well below the car’s actual power output).

The Z4 takes around 4.2 seconds to get from zero to sixty, while the Supra takes somewhere in the high 3-second range. Both have an 8-speed automatic transmission with RWD and have their top speeds governed to 155 mph.

Ford’s Mustang GT does things a bit differently. Ford things forced induction is for chumps and gets 460 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque from a naturally aspirated 5.0-L V8. Zero to sixty is done in just 4 seconds with a top speed of 157 mph. A 10-speed automatic feeds power to the rear wheels, and unlike the Supra and Z4, a 6-speed manual is available.

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The Mustang weighs about 350 lbs more than either the Supra or Z4, but it’s the clear winner for power and likely has the best straight-line performance of the three. CAR Magazine South Africa decided to get a bit more scientific and line this trio up for a drag race to 800 meters (roughly half a mile). Will the Mustang retain its crown?

Strangely, the Supra gets an amazing start while the Mustang takes 5.2 seconds to get from zero to sixty. We can only assume the Mustang driver was asleep at the wheel for the car to take an extra second to reach 60 mph.

The Supra manages to just barely win with a final time of 20.15 seconds, although the Mustang was catching up after the quarter-mile mark. This is a very different result than what Throttle House got just last week, and we can’t help but think that something fishy might be gooing on here.

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