Watch New BMW Z4 Take On Porsche Boxster GTS And Audi TTS In Quarter-Mile Drag Race

BMW's new Z4 M40i is a fantastic machine, but how will it compare against the Porsche Boxster GTS and Audi TTS in a topless drag race?

Watch New BMW Z4 Take On Porsche Boxster GTS And Audi TTS In Quarter-Mile Drag Race

The new BMW Z4 M40i takes on a Porsche Boxster GTS Roadster and Audi TTS in a series of challenges to see which European convertible is the best.

We’ve been a little more excited about the Toyota Supra than the BMW Z4, but the Z4 is also a vehicle that should make some waves in the sports touring car segment. It will certainly compare favorably to its sister car, the Supra, but how well will it stack up against some other convertibles in the market?

To find out, Carwow placed the Z4 M40i against an Audi TTS and Porsche Boxster GTS. On paper, this fight seems to be entirely between the Z4 and the Porsche, with both cars having roughly the same power output. The Z4’s inline 6-cylinder is advertised by BMW as making 335 hp, but the same engine in the Supra makes closer to 375 hp, so we’re not too sure how honest BMW is being with their power figures.

The Porsche GTS, on the other hand, makes 361 horsepower from a 2.5-L turbocharged flat-four engine along with 317 lb-ft of torque. Zero to sixty for the Boxster is just 3.9 seconds, while the Z4 M40i is around 4.2 seconds.

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Both the Boxster and the Z4 are rear-wheel-drive, but the Audi TTS is all-wheel-drive. This should give the Audi a better start off the line, but with just 306 horsepower from its 2.0-L turbo 4-cylinder, we expect the TTS to get clobbered in this contest.

But first, and most important, a test to see which roof can be lowered the quickest. In this race, the Porsche wins handily with quite a few seconds to spare over the Z4. Would this be a sign of things to come in the inevitable drag race?

Well, we could spoil it for you, but we think the excitement of this Porsche vs. BMW race is something you should see to believe. Check out the video above to see which German convertible wins and see how badly the Audi TTS loses.

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