25 Outrageous Body Kits These Sports Car Owners Are Definitely Embarrassed About

There are a lot of ways to modify a car out there in the aftermarket world of parts, pieces, modifications, and kits. Enough variations so that every car that is out there in the world, perhaps even that has ever been made, would look entirely different from the next. For every aspect and part of a car, there's a way to change it, give it better performance, or just make it unique. From cold air intakes to suspension kits of all kinds, from aftermarket headlights to custom decals and window tint, the variety really is endless.

There are tons of sub-cultures, too, that focus on a specific kind of modification, usually done to a specific kind of car, from something as encompassing as pickups to something as specific as an individual model of car. When compared, these cars look absolutely nothing alike, yet oftentimes they are the same factory model to begin with.

To ignore the world of aftermarket modification would be to ignore almost the majority of the motoring world, really, so it's often that we feature articles on this site about aftermarket mods. Though not all mods are created equal, the ones that tend to flop are the builds that cut corners, aren't practical or sensible, or are just plain tasteless. With that in mind, let's focus in on one specific kind of modification: the body kit. Not all body kits are bad, but sometimes they can ruin a car. Let's take a look at 25 body kits that ruined these sports cars.

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25 A Real Life Dragon Civic

via seriouswheels.com

While the general shape of this particular body kit isn't extraordinarily outlandish, it finds itself in this lineup due to the outrageous paint on the body kit, along with the truly outrageous air scoops on the hood that look like giant nostrils.

That, paired with the four teeth at the front, gives this Honda a gummy goofy look that just doesn't look good, no matter which way you swing it. Hopefully, it doesn't have a tail around the back that we can't see.

24 Body Kit Made Of Thousands Of Pieces

via traveljapanblog.com

This body kit is quite custom, and quite homemade. There's nothing that quite beats gluing thousands of tiny pieces and figurines to your car, is there? Nothing quite like it at all...

As to what would inspire someone to do this, who knows? Perhaps they have a serious love for figurines and trinkets. Maybe they moved out of their room at home and didn't have anywhere to put them, so they glued them to their car. Good for them, I guess?

23 Bugatti Body Kit

via pinterest.com

This is clearly a bona fide genuine Bugatti, right? It looks just like the million dollar supercar we're all familiar with. Well, not exactly, no. It's not really fooling anyone. Except, perhaps, the owner of the car, who thinks he's probably the coolest thing to grace this earth.

In any case, it's clear that they didn't spend a whole lot of money on their Bugatti body kit, though it was likely much more than it's actually worth. Because this is just sad.

22 Comically Bad

via YouTube

This body kit is most assuredly over the top, so distasteful that it's comically bad; the absolutely over the top front kit, with a bumper that swoops with awkward geometry way too far forward.

The same goes for the rear end, with a really awkward wing shaped thing sticking out past the back wheel, which is painted gold like the rest, along with the poorly executed gold accents across the car. Nice color palette but poor execution in every way.

21 Did Somebody Call A Taxi?

via pinterest.com

It's surprisingly difficult to deduce just what kind of car this is, or was, or is trying to be. There's so much aftermarket fiberglass covering almost every square inch of it, that it hides the car underneath. It almost hides the wheels, even.

The massive hood scoop and roof addition, along with the outrageous and pointless spoiler really just make it all that much more preposterous. It's safe to say that I'd never set foot in this taxi, even if it was one.

20 Don't Really Even Want To Know

via pinterest.com

There is a lot going on with this strange creation of a car, and I don't think I really even want to know what it is. It's worryingly strange, with a car body front end and a classic pickup truck as the cabin and back end, amongst many other strange design choices.

Pair that with the extraordinarily useless and out of place spoiler mounted to the back and the end result is a Frankenstein beast of a car. And that's not even mentioning the strange hood design.

19 Fascinating Spoiler

via pinterest.com

This poor Toyota Celica has seen much better days, and now it has nothing left but to wallow in shame with its strange body kit additions and bad graphic design.

The humor behind the black tubing attached in line down the middle of the hood is almost too much. When you pair that with the harder to see but equally hilarious spoiler at the back, made of what looks like a bunch of black pool noodles, this car is most assuredly ruined, in the funniest way possible. Who knows what the owner was thinking?

18 Flared Nostril Nonsense

via complex.com

The most worrying part about this build is that it started out as a Chevy Cavalier, one of the most boring and soulless cars ever produced by Chevy, and they've produced some pretty lifeless models over the years.

It only gets worse from there, with an over the top body kit and skirting that renders the car bulky and too outlandish, and that's saying nothing of the giant flared nostrils on the hood that do absolutely nothing except make the car look ugly. I'm not sure how it's drivable in the snow, either.

17 Insane Amounts Of Fiberglass

via pinterest.com

There isn't much worse in our lineup than this one; it definitely belongs in the top three worst of the list, mostly because of the scope of it, the ungodly amount of fiberglass, and the fact that it's entirely unfinished.

Perhaps a large amount of it was done in a flurry of inspiration at one point, but that was long ago now, considering the fiberglass has been left to the elements, to crisp up and look like dried skin wrapped around this ugly-looking car. Someone take this thing to the dump.

16 Made Of Used Wrappers?

via gunaxin.com

This homemade monstrosity is covered in what looks like thousands and thousands of used gum wrappers, somewhat carefully smashed and wadded together to create a living, driving diorama of a dinosaur and, well, I'm not really sure what else is going on in the depicted 3D scene plastered to this old Honda.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the only thing that's clear, save for the vague lizard shapes on the side and the perhaps human shape back behind the head of the T-Rex. To each their own, I guess, I just worry about the driver's visibility, and if any of it were to fall off at highway speeds.

15 Maybe A Little Excessive

via commons.wikimedia.org

Personally, I'm really not sure why this car is in a showroom garnering attention from these people. Do they actually think it looks cool? Or are they there to mock it in all of its absurdity? The likely story is that they're not familiar enough with the car model to know the difference.

If they are, they would know that the body kit on this poor Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren is reprehensibly unnecessary, with wide skirting around the sides that adds unnecessary bulk, and a front bumper that just keeps going. Someone rescue this poor car, please.

14 Maybe Not The Softest Touch

via flickr.com

I feel genuinely bad for this person, for their completely pitiful attempt at not only owning a business but attempting to self advertise their own work on their car. It must be difficult to not know that their work is entirely mediocre.

Their business is called "Soft Touch Arts", though judging by the quality of their self-made body kit and paint job, the entire lack of attention to detail, and the general low quality of the build makes for not a very soft touch at all. More of a heavy club for a hand.

13 Neon Green Mess

via YouTube

The amount of decals on this little tuner car is a grievous sin in itself, along with the color and overall build quality. And that's saying nothing of the body kit they've attached around the bottom border of the car, front sides, and back.

The hood, too, has outrageous "vents" and "air-scoops" for a likely almost entirely stock engine (4 cylinder at best), the front bumper is outrageous, with "aerodynamic design", including a strange radiator vent design that sticks out too far; the sides are hilarious, with a strange bump on the rear door for "improved airflow" and a beefy back bumper.

12 Next Gen Apparatuses

via topsimages.com

Either this person is completely out of touch with reality and is needlessly endangering many fellow drivers every time they go out on the road, or they know something the rest of us don't; they've discovered something we could only dream of knowing.

I'd wager the former on that one. These massive and ill-placed spoilers are doing absolutely nothing for the performance of the car, especially considering it's an old Saturn that never even made a pretense of being a sports car. They're just going to break off at highway speed, needlessly endangering someone's life. Good going.

11 Orange Box Horror

via pinterest.com

It would probably be safe to say that a BMW has never fallen so far. This poor Cabriolet M series doesn't deserve this kind of treatment, what could it possibly have done to endure such a punishment?

The rims alone are a travesty, and they perfectly compliment the absolutely reprehensible body kit, which makes the entire thing look like a giant block of synthetic cheese, a carved block of Velveeta. It's not a good look. The most outrageous thing is that they've spent the time and money to make it of decent quality, even reupholstering all of the interior.

10 Pretty Bowtie and Creepy Eyes

via howibecametexan.com

There is something eminently troubling about this strange body kit and car. It seems like it's supposed to be a hippo, though as to why it should be on a car at all is the greatest mystery. Confounding, even. The amount of work involved in this, ahem, conversion is staggering.

The headlights have had to be moved down to the bumper, the hood entirely restructured along with the bumper, essentially every panel has needed to be modified to allow for lumps, feet, and toes to cover over the wheels, the roof has needed eyes and a bowtie added. That's a lot of work, all things considered. And it's just creepy.

9 Sometimes It's The Little Things

via pinterest.com

While not a body kit in the typical sense of the word, this was just too funny to not add to the lineup. Sometimes it is the little things, and this Dodge Neon, apart from the aftermarket rims and simple paint job, only has one thing done to it.

They've added a "hood scoop" onto the front end. It's just hilarious because it's rusty, clearly homemade and welded on by someone who really just didn't care about details or continuity, or anything. The longer you contemplate it and stare at it, the funnier it gets. Someone sat back, thought about it, and went "yeah, that's good. Love it."

8 It's All About The Little Accoutrements

via pinterest.com

This Subaru Outback is one of the wildest looking cars in our build, as it really just makes no sense. Who would have thought something this absurd would even be in existence? But here it is, in a parking lot, for all to see.

A massive "intake" glued to the hood, an even bigger spoiler on the back (yes, it's a hatchback, and yes, there is no scientific reason that would ever make sense) are all complimented by a massive amount of random decals and stick-on items. Worst part is the rims that don't match. Just why?

7 That Front End Though

via vwvortex.com

This older generation of Audi TT had some pretty strange looks as it was, so the idea of adding a body kit to help those looks along a little bit makes a fair amount of sense. What doesn't make sense is why this kind of body kit was chosen, and why that color of paint was decided on.

The sparkly purple just calls to mind Barney (never a good thing) and the body kit only makes things worse for the TT styling, with a massive grille like that doing nothing to help the odd bubbly shape of the thing.

6 The Orange Mystery

via svtperformance.com

It's unclear as to what in the world is going on with this particular car, besides the vague sense that it's maybe (?) trying to look like a Lamborghini of some kind, perhaps a Gallardo. The generally lackluster quality of the kit clouds any kind of clarity as to what it's supposed to be resembling.

The geometry is all wrong, and the monstrosity ends up looking more like a middle aged man trying to fit into a Spiderman mask at a low budget 5th birthday party than any kind of European sports car. Maybe that's why they got a ticket, something like this has to be a crime, right?

5 Two Large Lumps

via drive.com

When it comes to giving a car stance, one of the biggest things that people try to achieve in their build is giving it what's called good "fitment". If a car has good fitment, it's "hellaflush", which, to those not in the know, is a good thing. An enviable thing.

Wide stance is also a big point of oooh's and aaaah's for the community, so a lot of these stanced cars have a widened wheel base, and a body kit to accommodate both the wide stance and the need for "hellaflush fitment", as it were. The above photo is an example of how to do this in the worst way possible.

4 Unclear As To What This Is

via vwvortex.com

There are certain cars in the world that are fascinating due to their uniqueness, unlike any other car ever made. The strange yellow thing pictured above is not one of those cars. It's one of many (too many) cars that fit into a different category.

This category can be called the "Frankenstein Car," or the "Insult To All That Is Holy Car", or any other term you see fit to call it. This yellow truck type thing with racing stripes is just such a sadness in the motoring world, where when you see it, all you want to do is look away.

3 Who Even Knows What It Is?

via pinterest.com

To say that this car is unique would be a bit of an understatement. In fact, to say that it's different would be so far from the actual magnitude of this thing that you could consider it a flat out lie.

It just doesn't make sense, it twists my brain into knots trying to comprehend it. It has the body of a Beetle, the doors of something else entirely, rear and front wheel wells of who knows what, the beginnings of a Beetle hood, and the front end of an entirely different VW car, out of context it's hard to say if it's a Passat, a Polo, or something else. Someone help me un-see this.

2 Wood Panels And A Convertible Conversion

via pinterest.com

The longer one muses upon just what's happening with this Porsche Cayenne build, the more it starts to turn into a travesty of grand proportions. At first, of course, it's easy to notice the wood paneling. Which, while tacky, isn't the worst thing in the world. It most definitely isn't befitting of a German sports SUV. Then it becomes evident that the wood paneling (likely stickers), is also on the hood. Why?

Then it becomes obvious that this is a convertible. But wait, Cayenne trucks don't come in convertibles. Why would someone do this?

1 Get Off My Lawn

via pinterest.com

This is most definitely one of the strangest body kits we're featuring in this lineup, especially considering it not only is covered in astro turf (perhaps real grass, we're not judging), but it's also a pretty creepy face.

It's only made worse, of course, by the fact that it's a SmartCar, and though this car is particularly harrowing, there's no way we'd want to run into the actual owner of this monstrosity. Wish we could un-see this one entirely, to be honest.

Sources: Pinterest, VW Vortex & Drive

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