Bowtie Heaven: 7.5 Second Certified 1971 Chevy Chevelle Drag Car For Sale

The current specimen is a vicious, yet still beautiful, 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle drag car with a 7.5 second certified funny car chassis.

Got a hole in your pocket? Did your accountant tell you that you need to spend a little extra this fiscal year to get down into a lower tax bracket? Well, then I have a car for you! Hot off the webpages of Craigslist is just about the most quarter mile bang you can get for your buck even with a rather lofty asking price of $79,995. The current specimen is a vicious, and beautiful, 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle drag car with a 7.5 second certified funny car chassis ... and a parachute and wheelie bars to boot!


The seller claims the car is freshly built and only weighs 3,100 lbs., which is several hundred lbs. lower than when it rolled off the assembly line. The build is clean, tight, and looks to be stuffed with quality parts throughout. With double chrome moly frame rails and a full cage, it's certified to run 7.5 seconds.


The heart of any quarter mile car is the engine, so let's dive right in. The short block is based on the venerable Chevy small-block bored and stroked to 427 cubic inches with a Callies billet crank, Eagle rods, and CP Nitrous pistons with a mind-blowing 14:1 compression ratio. Up top are Brodix 13 degree heads, Jesel roller rockers, MSD distributor, a custom intake, and an 1150 Holley Dominator! Jeez, I had an 850 double pumper on my BOSS 351 and I thought that was big!

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Shifting duties are handled by a 2-speed Chevy Powerglide with a Moser stuffed Ford 9-inch rear courtesy of Competition Engineering. It's got carbon fiber tubs, of course, and custom tin work to fit those mammoth 31/10.5-15W drag slicks under the car.


As for the interior, it's smart and functional the way a race car should be. You can see the cage wraps completely around the cockpit and the seats and harnesses will snug you in tight. The seller is including a dedicated laptop to help you map and dial in the car for tweaks on track day which is a good thing. I've seen and heard too many people blowing up nitrous motors the second they turn on the squeeze.


The seller claims it does 8's with all motor and 7's with a 500 hp nitrous shot on top of the 850 hp the engine is making. Wow! Yes, this motor requires 104 octane or better racing gas and it's probably not fit for street use despite the seller's claims in the Youtube video below. Buckle up indeed!

(via Craigslist)

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