Brembo Brings Stylish & Artistic Brake Calipers To Geneva

Brembo is lookin' to turn a car's brakes into moving pieces of art with new and colorful painted brake calipers.

Brembo Brings Stylish & Artistic Brake Calipers To Geneva

Brembo is showing off a set of stylish new brake calipers at the Geneva Auto Show.

If there is one thing that Brembo is known for, it’s for having brake calipers that really pop. Blue, red, yellow, orange, and every other color of the rainbow is possible with Brembo, depending on what you plan to order. This can either complement a car’s colors, blending in and adding that little bit of extra to the vehicle’s wheels, or they can contrast and seem to leap out from behind the wheel spokes.

But Brembo has gotten tired of the plain Jane shades. Brembo wants to express themselves, to let their artistic vision be seen by the world. And what better place to do it than at the largest car show on Earth?

At Geneva, Brembo has brought with them a series of 9 brake calipers that look like they belong in a museum rather than a performance sports car. Each one is more colorful than the last, and features some very interesting options for car enthusiasts to choose from.

We’ll start with this assortment of people dancing in what is clearly a Keith Haring-inspired piece, or it’s, in fact, a Keith Haring print that’s been superimposed on a brake caliper. Note the contours of the simple people-shaped objects and how it resembles a true oil painting.

Next, we have an argyle print more appropriate to socks or sweaters than a brake caliper. A Leopard print is also more suitable to a woman’s handbag or jacket than a high-performance stopping device.


Green leaves will certainly appeal to the nature lover and also help an off-road vehicle blend in with nature. Perhaps the military would even have a use for these camouflage colors, as the next one comes in desert camo.

A granite-colored caliper does its best to either look like the side of a mountain or the no-stick surface on your favorite cooking pan, while an Eastern-inspired dragon will make your car look like it had lost a bet after a night of drinking.

via Brembo

Finally, Brembo delivers two more period pieces. First is an assortment of neon-colored shapes that are supposed to be reminiscent of a ‘90s late-night studio set, while the other is more of a ‘70s-ish set of geometric shapes.

"These are just a few suggestions that will not go into production and that Brembo presents to underline the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality, which make each Brembo caliper an icon of style, " writes Brembo in their press release.

We’re a little disappointed that Brembo won’t bring these colors to production, but maybe they’ll inspire some tuner garage somewhere to take a set of Brembo calipers and do something a little more original.


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