Dr. Frankenstein Inspired Driver Merges 2 Ford Broncos & 1986 Mercury Sable For Weird Camper

If you're in the market for a monstrosity, two ford broncos attached to a mercury sable in what is being described as a camper is for sale.

Vehicular modifications have always been impressive—especially when done by someone well practiced in the field—and as the times are certainly changing, so are these mods getting even more incredible as the years go on. Case in point: a recent find,  a Frankenstein-like camper built out of two Ford Broncos and a Mercury Sable (1986) thrown in for good measure!


We aren’t really, as we here at HotCars see this sort of thing on a regular basis, but we must admit that we were definitely impressed. These modifications generally take a lot, so it didn’t go past us that this was something worth bringing to your attention, dear readers.

The news was broken by David Tracy over at Jalopnik.com, and he claims that the vehicle was brought to his attention by a reader no less. This reader told him that the vehicle was going for a measly $1 500 on Craigslist of all places and that it was constructed using a Mercury Sable as the front end, two Ford Broncos (Ford Bronco II) for the rear and what more, it was in good working order!


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The Ford Bronco II went into production in 1984 and was a slightly bigger model than its predecessor. It went out of production only six years later in 1990. But the truck definitely lives on and has a lasting impression on enthusiasts everywhere, but all in all, it definitely plays second fiddle to the original truck that had an incredible run and is now being re-vamped once more by a restoration company named Gateway Bronco.

The Mercury Sable went into production in 1985 and ran the gamut until 2009 when production all but ceased.

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Honestly, the inclusion of these two vehicles in this build is indeed a puzzler of sorts, but we’re sure that the fabricator had his reasons for choosing these particular two for his monstrosity on wheels.

The inside of this build needs to be touched up a tad, but at the end of the day, this could be someone’s dream vacation waiting to happen.

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RV-ing across the nation or even to the bordering nation is the pastime for many adventure-seekers out there, living it up on the open road and sleeping wherever you decide to stop along the way. It’s a road dog’s dream, really, hence the inception of the RV and everything that goes with it.

And hey, if you have an RV of your own, maybe you’ll see this bad boy out there on the road next time you head out. And if you do, go ahead and tell the driver that you know all about his or her ride.


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