Bugatti Might Make A 310-MPH Chiron If The Market Is There


Bugatti might make a 310-mph Chiron so long as people want to pay for one. And we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want a 310-mph car.

There was a time when Bugatti was known for making the fastest car in the world. That day has long since passed, however, and Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann has gone to great lengths to say that those days are probably never coming back. Even though he says that the Chiron could probably easily beat the current world record holder for the fastest production vehicle.

So we’re getting some mixed messages from Winkelmann. In a recent interview with Automobile Magazine, the Bugatti chief again confuses the matter by saying that he’d make an extreme version of the Chiron that could even sprint at 310 mph if the market was there for it.

"It is still a possibility,” he said. “But there are quite a few ifs involved, like if someone is willing to supply suitable tires, or if the return on investment meets the target."

Once again, this is a strange reversal of opinion. Just last December, Winkelmann said that the Chiron would never go for a top speed record attempt and everyone should just stop asking about it, jeez.

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In the interview, Winkelmann went on to say that a theoretical 310-mph Chiron wouldn’t use electricity for its extreme speed, but it would “eventually” need to adopt some form of electrification. “Right now, no [to electrification]. It takes smaller, lighter, and more potent energy cells to make such an upgrade work."

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Other tidbits dropped in the conversation include a 5-year time horizon for when development of the Chiron is to be complete, as well as a possible second Bugatti vehicle: a 3-door, ultra-high-end crossover.

"The design is done. Some potential customers have seen it, and they liked it. One or two influential people up in Wolfsburg were complimentary about it. But at this point, there is no budget and no decision."

It seems that Bugatti wants to take a page out of Lamborghini’s playbook. Instead of moving a little over 100 cars per year, Bugatti would sell between 600-800 luxury crossovers. Expect to see a concept arrive soon so Bugatti can gauge interest.

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