Ranked: Bugatti's 10 Best Limited Edition Cars

The Bugatti brand of vehicle is already extraordinary, but these ten limited edition cars show how truly special the automotive company really is.

The Bugatti brand, as if not exclusive enough, has some versions of limited edition cars in its rank – whew! Ettore Bugatti – the Italian founder of Bugatti – must be proud of what the brand has become even in his death. Ettore was born into an artistic family with his father Carlo known to be an important Italian Art Nouveau. This is seen as a major influence in the style and presentation Ettore adopted in his cars.

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Though much of what we see of Bugatti today is of the post-Ettore era his influence and ideology are still very much present. In highlighting this, we’ve ranked some of the best Bugatti limited edition cars for your pleasure.

10 Bugatti Chiron Sport

The Chiron Sport opens this ranking at the 10th position. A variant of the Chiron, the Chiron Sport shares some notable similarities with its predecessor like the Haldex All-wheel drive system, carbon fiber body structure and independent suspension. Also, the Chiron Sport uses its quad-turbocharged W16 engine to generate 1,479 hp like its counterpart.

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Distinctively though, the extensive use of carbon fiber on the exterior made it 40 lb lighter and also the use of a stiffer suspension for better cornering ability is an added modification that has culminated in earning the Chiron Sport this position on the list.

9 Bugatti Veyron Mansory Linea Vincero

This is the outcome when a Germany based luxury car modification company decided to work on the Bugatti Chiron. Founded by the Iranian-British tuner, Kourosh Mansory, the company has made a good name for itself modifying other luxury brands and with the Bugatti Chiron, its reputation remains intact.

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The rarity of this remake even adds to its value – it’s the only one ever made. The Mansory team did well in adding a facelift and extra heat to the car upgrading the 8.0-liter W16 engine to produce 1,110 hp instead of the normal 1,001 hp.

8 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport World Record Edition

At number eight is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport World Record Edition with a total production of just five units. After the launch of the Super Sport, Bugatti released the Super Sport World Record version with the same power output of 1200 PS at 6,400 rpm and 1,106 lb-ft at 3,000–5,000 rpm as the Super Sport.

Electronic limiter that is found in the Super Sport is removed in the World Record Version making it the fastest production road car in the world as the time of its production with a top speed of 267.856 mph.

7 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse (Targa-Top)

Variety is said to be the spice of life, and Bugatti made sure with its brand you’ll surely get your desired luxury sports car. If you like the fresh cold breeze caressing your face on a cold winter morning or the sweat patches on your bald head from the hot sun on a summer noon, then the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse is your brand.

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The Targa-Top has the same speed performance as the coupe version but with the open roof comes with a reduced top speed of 369mph and 81mph when fitted with a temporary soft roof. Little price to pay for a special experience!

6 Veyron Super Sport

The Veyron Super Sport is so powerful and fast you’d think it shouldn’t be roadworthy. Aiming for the sky literally to build the fastest car, the Bugatti team fell a little bit short and ended up building the second-fastest production car as documented in the Guinness Book of World Record.

For the world’s second-fastest production car the Bugatti Supersport is fitted with an improved W16 engine that produces 1200 hp and does 268 mph. Bugatti will produce only 30units of this spectacle. Deserves to be listed.

5 Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans

110 Ans Bugatti is the limited edition variant of the Chiron Sport as only 20 units of it will be produced. Released in 2019 in celebration of Bugatti’s 110 years the car is adorned with all the colors in the French flag in honor of Bugatti’s country of origin.

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With no major changes in performance, the Ans Bugatti’s exterior has the French flag on the rear wing, fuel filler cap, and wing mirrors. Blue Alcantara is used for the upholstery and the seat headrests. Steering wheel and back of the seats are all adorned with the French flag.

4 Bugatti Divo

In 2018, Bugatti introduced the Divo to the world and it sold out on its first day of availability – incredible! Named after Albert Divo – a French racing driver – the Divo took after the Bugatti Type 57SC and Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept in speed and design.

Your choice car for speed as the Divo is reported to be 8.0 seconds faster than the Chiron while generating 1,005 lb of downforce at top speed which is also documented to be 198 lb higher than the Chiron. Bugatti is has said only 40 units will be made.

3 Bugatti La Voiture Noire

The La Voiture is the most expensive Bugatti ever $12.5 million before tax. This supercar justifies its outrageous price through its total exclusivity and limited production as only one of this car will ever be produced. The name “La Voiture Noire” was inspired by the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic of the 1930s, and though only four were made, one of the four was named La Voiture Noire.

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The history and eventual disappearance of the 1936 La Voiture Noire have remained a fascinating one due to its exclusivity, therefore in 2019, to commemorate the brand’s 110th anniversary, Bugatti produced this one-off model.

2 Bugatti Centrodieci

Talk of a brand that constantly strives to out-perform itself, the Bugatti has done just exactly that yet again with the release of the 2019 Centrodieci. The 1991Bugatti EB110 must feel honored as Bugatti released a statement that the Centrodieci was built to pay homage to it.

Although the Centrodieci also runs on the Bugatti’s turbocharged 16-cylinder engine, it is specially modified to produce up to 1600 hp going from 0 – 60mph in 2.4 seconds. Only 10 of this brand will be produced and if you haven’t placed your order yet… oops – it’s too late. Sold out!

1 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupe

Classy, elegant, luxurious and as rare as a green horse, the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupe is dubbed by some enthusiasts as the greatest Bugatti production of all time; such is the iconic aura of this legend. Of the four made between 1936 and 1938, three are still in top shape while the fourth’s location has remained a collector’s puzzle for decades.

The Bugatti built this car at a time when people still ride on horses and this further ascertain the awesome vision of the team. The car runs on a 3.3-liter straight-eight engine with up to 200 PS and a top speed of 200 km/h.

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