Rumor: Bugatti To Reveal $5.8 Million Chiron Divo

Rumor: Bugatti To Reveal $5.8 Million Chiron Divo

Bugatti is rumored to have unveiled a new version of the Chiron that is over twice as expensive as the recently debuted Chiron Sport.

We were all surprised when Bugatti unveiled the Chiron Sport at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. What was already a superb feat of engineering became even better thanks to a 40lb carbon fiber weight-loss diet, stiffer suspension, aerodynamic improvements, and even better torque vectoring for the Chiron’s all-wheel-drive. The end result was a car that’s the best Bugatti has ever made, and maybe even the best in the world.

At just over $3 million, it had damn well better be.

Shortly after Geneva, we heard rumors of Bugatti hosting a private event in LA where they teased an even better Chiron. Now, according to TheSupercarBlog, Bugatti has held another private function in New York where a select group of wealthy car enthusiasts was introduced to the Chiron Divo.


Precise details of the Divo are, unfortunately, scant. It’s said to be even lighter than the Chiron Sport, but they have not given a specific number (although we’re assured it’s much more than the Sport’s measly 40 lbs). We’re also told the Divo will feature numerous performance upgrades over the original.

Despite the vague improvements, the Divo will actually be slower than the regular Chiron— about 239 mph. We’re not told why, and we can only speculate on the reason for the sudden drop in speed. Has the Chiron’s infamous quad-turbo W16 been swapped out for something further up the alphabet? Perhaps a Y or a Z16? Or has Bugatti installed yet more aerodynamic improvements that resulted in far greater drag?

Whatever happened to the Divo’s top-end, its said to make up for it in the low-end. Acceleration will defeat the Sport, which can go from zero to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds.

Less than 100 Divos will be created, and if you want one, you’re already out of luck. All less-than-100 Divos are already spoken for. The price per each was $5.8 million, which is nearly double the price of the Sport.

We have no idea what Bugatti is hiding, but we’ll all find out in August at Pebble Beach when the Chiron Divo takes a bow.


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