Bugatti Chiron Hits Nürburgring For Third Time

Bugatti Chiron Hits Nürburgring For Third Time

Bugatti has been spotted at Germany’s Nurburgring with a suspicious new Chiron.

Bugatti is up to something. We sort of already know what it is thanks to a few teaser images the company released last week. It even has a name: Divo. It was stitched in Alcantara.

We know that each Divo made will cost 5 million euros, or about $5.9 million USD. We know that Bugatti showed the Divo to potential buyers in Los Angeles and New York earlier this year, hosting exclusive viewing parties where the French super carmaker tried to entice ultra-rich car enthusiasts to purchase their latest creation. We know that Bugatti is only making 40 of the bespoke hypercars, and they’re rumored to all be already sold.

We also know that the Divo is likely to be based on the Chiron to the point where it’s a new body on a Chiron chassis. There will be weight reductions, naturally, as well as aerodynamic improves that were first seen on the Chiron Sport.

The Divo will, however, be slower than the Chiron Sport in a straight line. Top speed is reported to be down to 239 mph rather than the Sport’s 261 mph. So there’s that.


But the Divo is expected to be a different breed of Bugatti. This car is expected to be more concerned with lap times than straight-line performance and luxury. The Divo will be Bugatti making a statement that says they can do the whole track-day thing just as well as anyone. Maybe even better.

To that end, a matte black test mule was spotted circling around the Nürburgring just a few days ago. It’s still certainly a Chiron, mind you--the silhouette is unmistakable, even without the Bugatti badging. And it's the third Bugatti we've seen in as many months.

It seems most likely that this mule is at The Ring to test out some new technology to be featured on the Divo, and Bugatti engineers needed some test measurements. As for what that technology is, we have no idea. There seems to be a sensor in the windshield, but that could have less to do with new tech and more to do with just getting an airflow reading.

We’ll know more when Bugatti finally reveals the Divo later in August. For now, we can watch their strange antics in fervent expectation of something grand.


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