Why Bugatti Extended Their Warranties For Veyrons

Bugatti left a lot of people happy, yet confused, as they announced they've extended the Veyron's warranty to 15 years to accommodate their customers.

Why Bugatti Extended Their Warranties

Bugatti is extending the Veyron’s warranty to 15 years.

Why? Because billionaires who can afford a million dollar car need help with maintenance costs, obviously.

French hypercar maker Bugatti announced at the 2018 Salon Rétromobile in Paris that they would create the Loyalty Maintenance Program which will, among other things, allow for the Veyron’s warranty to be extended to an industry leading 15 years. The program is meant to keep all Veyron’s in the world maintained to Bugatti’s high standards, as well as reduce maintenance costs to Veyron owners. You know, since they’re so hard-up for cash since they own a Veyron.

“The combination of a confirmed vehicle history, the Bugatti Certified warranty and individual support by Bugatti Customer Service makes the difference for Veyron owners and is more than just a seal of approval,” says Franco Utzeri, head of Bugatti Certified and Financial Services. “We are committed to providing our customers with a 360° ownership experience that is unique in the automotive world.”


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In addition to the program’s optional 15-year extended warranty, Veyron owners will be able to choose from a variety of maintenance packages to best suit their needs. The packages have not yet been revealed to the public, but there is certain to be one option that places a pheasant egg in the glove compartment following an oil change. Best not to forget about that egg.

As part of the program, Bugatti plans to unveil the Bugatti Certified seal, which ensures the Veyron has been properly maintained. And by ensure, we mean that Bugatti will perform their own thorough inspection and replace all worn parts, including body panels. Bugatti Certified will also allow used Veyrons to be customized before being sold to another owner.

As Chris Kelly, Bugatti’s head of Customer Service puts it, “Our customers use their Bugattis in very individual ways. Many owners enjoy driving their car every day while others see it as an automotive work of art in their private collection. This means that individual customers have very different expectations of service. We can now meet these expectations much more effectively, in line with our customers’ wishes.”

Frankly, it seems that Bugatti is more protective of their cars than their owners are.


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