Bugatti Shuts Down Rumors Of Possible SUV

Bugatti Shuts Down Rumors Of Possible SUV

Bugatti has officially shut down rumors that they might make a luxury-performance SUV.

SUVs are a big deal in the automotive world right now. They’re popular, sell well, and best of all, they’re highly profitable. Profit margins on crossovers and SUVs dwarf that of sedans and coupes, so naturally, every carmaker has at least one SUV in their lineup.

And that includes a lot of the luxury performance brands. Lamborghini, Porsche, and Bentley all have SUVs as part of their lineup, with the idea being to sell an SUV for a huge profit and then use those profits to fund development of the next generation of supercars.

French hypercar maker Bugatti had been previously rumored to be doing much the same in order to fund their next generation of vehicles, but their most recent year-end update has said, in no uncertain terms, an SUV is definitely not happening.

“Although speculation is rife and the time appears to be appropriate, ‘there will be no SUV from Bugatti’, says [CEO] Stephan Winkelmann. He adds that an SUV would not do justice to the brand or its history.”

So we can scratch a Bugatti SUV off our list.


That doesn’t mean Bugatti is resting on their heels. Last year saw the unveiling of two big models for Bugatti: the Chiron Sport and the Divo. The Divo has been particularly exciting, as it’s the first Bugatti in a long time that values track performance over straight line power. The Divo is 77 lbs lighter than the regular Chiron and also has 200 lbs additional downforce thanks to the redesigned aerodynamic body. These changes allow the Divo to hit a sustained 1.6 lateral g turn.

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All 40 Divos were immediately sold even before Bugatti fully revealed the car. Each one cost $5.7 million. Deliveries won’t even begin until 2020.

Bugatti is still building the Chiron too, which is booked for production until the end of 2021. So it seems that Bugatti doesn’t even need to develop new cars with their busy production schedule.

However, Winkelmann did say that 2019 "promises further highlights in the model series." Expect to see even lighter, faster, and more powerful versions of the Chiron and Divo in the coming year.

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