Bugatti Wants "Sexy" Financing For New 4-Door Vehicle

Bugatti SUV

Bugatti is trying to find a “sexy” way to finance their upcoming 4-door vehicle.

Yes, Bugatti is looking at expanding their lineup by making something that isn’t a Chiron. In an interview with Bloomberg, Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelman confirmed that the French super luxury carmaker is in the process of developing a four-door vehicle that might even have some off-road capability, although he didn’t call it an SUV.

We have absolutely no details on what this vehicle might look like, but considering the source, we can imagine that it will be both incredibly luxurious and incredibly powerful. A stretched-out Chiron might still make use of the 8.0-L quad-turbo W16 engine, but a car that’s more focused on luxury than straight-line performance might consider a lesser engine that’s part of Volkswagen AG’s lineup.

However, this is all still very preliminary. Winkelmann said that Bugatti is looking for “sexy” financing in order to develop their four-door car, which is seen as a reference to what Porsche did to fund the creation of their Taycan electric luxury sedan.

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Porsche used a financial vehicle in Germany called a “promissory note” or a “Schuldschein,” which is sort of like a crowd-funded loan. A bank sets up the Schuldschein and then sells parts of it to different lenders at market rates, with hundreds of lenders sometimes flocking to these sales.

Bugatti SUV
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Recently, Bugatti broke the 300 mph barrier with a longtail version of the Chiron. Called the Chiron Super Sport 300+, a prototype version achieved a top speed of 304 mph, while production models of the same car will be electronically limited to 279 mph. Bugatti just seems to hate dealing with billionaire speed demons unsatisfied until they too perform a daring feat of velocity that could very well kill them when not done on a controlled test track.

Most of the 30 planned Super Sports were sold at a private dinner several weeks ago, and all of them have been spoken for since then. If Bugatti announces a luxury four-door sedan, you can bet that it will sell out just as quickly, sight virtually unseen.

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