10 Things You Didn't Know About The Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is a pretty special car and is one that is worth (on average) an impressive $1.7 million. It's a dream car.

The Bugatti Veyron is a pretty special car and is one that is worth (on average) an impressive $1.7 million, with a top speed of 280 mph, this is a dream car for many enthusiasts.

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Despite the fact they are one of the most talked-about cars in history, having broken plenty of records and wowed people around the world, there is still a lot that people do not know about the Bugatti Veyron.

With that in mind, within this article, we will break down ten things that you don't know about the car, from its design, some stumbling blocks and everything else you might want to know.

10 The Designer No Longer Works For Bugatti

The Bugatti Veyron designer, Jozef Kaban, created a masterpiece with the Veyron to the point where he and the car will be talked about forever, with it being one of the greatest vehicles ever designed.

However, that wasn't enough to keep Kaban working with the Bugatti company, as the popular designer has since left the company, opting to work with Rolls Royce instead.

Kaban now works as the head of design for the luxury car company and is no doubt still doing some incredible work, but it certainly is a blow for Bugatti.

9 It's Not That Exclusive

You would think that if you spent over $1 million on a car, the chances are that there would be very few actually being made and produced to make it worth your money with the vehicle being fairly exclusive.

Unfortunately, that isn't really the case, with there now being countless different Bugatti models to choose from, with each having hundreds being produced, making them more widely available with over 400 Veyrons being produced in total.

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Whilst the odds of you driving past someone else in a Bugatti Veyron is incredibly slim, the company doesn't exactly make it clear that there are as to the fact there are more available than people think.

8 Airbag Issues

This isn't exactly a fact that Bugatti is going to want the world to know, but the company had some serious issues in regards to their airbags, with the company having issues with faulty side airbags.

This prompted a massive recall, with traces of a burn being reported during the routine testing, which left many people concerned for their safety, which isn't something that should be happening when you spend over $1 million on a car.

Whilst the recalls were covered by Bugatti, which is expected, it is certainly an issue that nobody ever expected to take place for a car that costs as much money like this.

7 Diamonds Are Forever

Whilst the cost of a Bugatti Veyron is high enough, there are plenty of ways that an owner can make the cars value even higher by adding different touches to both the inside and out for those who want to splash a little extra cash.

One opportunity that people have got when it comes to enhancing their Bugatti Veyron's is adding actual diamonds into the speedometer and power needles, really letting the interior of the car sparkle.

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This isn't something many people have, and therefore it is also a chance to try and make your Bugatti a little rarer, but of course, that will come at a price.

6 The Price Of An Oil Change

Unlike blinging your Bugatti Veyron with diamonds, an oil change is something that you are going to need at some point whilst owning the vehicle, however, much like adding some diamonds, an oil change is also going to set you back a lot of money.

Given that it is supposed to be one of the most routine services for a vehicle, the fact it will cost around $21,000 is incredible to think about, with the price certainly being a crazy one in comparison to other cars.

Bugatti doesn't openly discuss this and it isn't something that many people are aware of until they get a car themselves, with a Bugatti oil change requiring 16 different drain plugs which can only be reached by removing some of the underbody, hence the price!

5 The Top Speed Is Useless

One of the Bugatti Veyron's major selling points is the fact it has an unbelievable top speed of 280 mph, which is something that Bugatti pushes heavily, as it is always going to draw plenty of attention to the car.

It is a crazy top speed and is obviously very impressive, with car enthusiasts the world over getting excited about the prospect of driving at that speed, but the reality is the top speed of the car is pretty much useless.

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There aren't many roads in the entire world that will allow for a Bugatti Veyron to even come close to that maximum speed, which means that whilst it might be a cool statistic, it isn't something many drivers will ever experience.

4 Draining The Fuel Tank

As we mentioned earlier on in this list, the major selling point of the Bugatti Veyron is the cars speed, being able to hit incredible maximum speeds that are almost shocking to believe.

However, with high-speed cars often comes very poor miles to the gallon and this is something that the Veyron really suffers from, with the car needing to be topped up constantly.

But what is really shocking is the fact that at full speed the cars entire fuel tank will be emptied in just 12 minutes, which is why it is probably a good thing that people never get the chance to do that due to traffic and speed limits.

3 Tire Prices

Car tires are something that is essential to a car, and most people want to make sure they have good quality rubber on theirs, ensuring that they don't become worn too quickly and that they will provide great friction on the road.

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Well, something that many people do not know is the price of a Bugatti tire, which ranges from $30,000 to $42,000. On top of that, those tires are recommended to be replaced every 2500 miles.

Something else that isn't mentioned is the fact that the Veyrons tires are actually glued to the rimes, which means you also have to buy new rims every time you change your times, bringing the price to around $120,000.

2 Grille Issues

Originally, when the Bugatti Veyron was first created, the front grille of the car was actually made from aluminium, and whilst it may have been lightweight and looked great, it caused some serious issues.

The main one was the fact that any bird strikes were a serious issue. That's right, just like a plane engine, due to the speed that the Veyron can travel, any bird or other flying foes and critters were a big problem.

The aluminium grille would simply slice anything apart, causing huge issues and therefore Bugatti opted to use titanium as an alternative.

1 They Lose Money On The Veyron's

This may seem absolutely ridiculous and impossible considering the fact that a Bugatti Veyron is going to set someone back around $1.7 million for the base model, but the company does continue to lose money on each vehicle that is sold.

According to Bernstein Research, $6.24 million dollars is lost on the sale of every vehicle, with mass-marketing opportunities being very slim due to the fact the car is priced way too high for most people to even consider.

However, it is strange to think about how the production of the car continues to be such a problem, which you would think Bugatti want to address.

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