Bugatti Veyron Oil Changes Are Expensive & Difficult

Bugatti Veyron Oil Changes Are Expensive & Difficult

Getting a Bugatti Veyron’s oil changed is freakin’ nuts.

On a regular car, getting an oil change is simple. Your mechanic (or you, if you’re mechanically inclined) just lifts up the car on a regular car lift, unplugs the oil drain at the bottom of the engine, and oil drops into a pan. Once it’s all out, a quick inspection under the hood to make sure everything looks hunky dory and you’re off to the races.

On a Bugatti Veyron, an oil change turns into an entirely different beast.

We have the fine folks at Royalty Exotic Cars in sunny Las Vegas to thank for this grand spectacle you are about to witness. Getting a Veyron’s oil changed takes far longer than the 30 minutes it takes on a regular car.

To start, there’s no hood. In order to actually inspect the car’s innards to make sure everything is still connected (and to replace the cabin filters), you need to remove first the rear wheels, then the rear wheel covers, then the rear wheel fenders, then the rear bumper, and then the entire rear body panel.


On top of that, Bugatti didn’t skimp on the bolts. When it’s a $2.4 million hypercar that can go 254 mph, you’d rather have too many bolts than too few.

Oh, and we forgot a few steps. The rear wing had to be raised and then removed in order to get the body panel off, and the fuel cap also got in the way, so that had to go too.

Once that’s all done, the rest is easy. You just need to inspect the engine bay, replace the air filters, and then actually remove the oil. Which is also a process.

First, the car is too low to use a regular car lift, so they need to jack up the car onto the lift and then raise it up. After that, there are 16 oil drain plugs to unplug, and they’re scattered all over undercarriage since the 8.0-L W16 engine is massive. And the oil drains slowly since it’s special oil, so you have to wait for each plug to stop before moving on to the next one.

The video only runs for 20 minutes, but the guys at Royalty Exotics report it took them over a day to perform the oil change. It also cost the lucky owner about $21,000.

For the price of a Veyron’s oil change you could buy a totally new car. That’s hypercars for you.


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