Watch How Bugatti Veyron RWD Conversion Is Done

The same people that brought you the $21,000 oil change are now converting a Bugatti Veyron from AWD to RWD.

Watch How Bugatti Veyron RWD Conversion Is Done

The same boys that brought you a $21,000 oil change are back with more multi-million dollar car madness by converting the Veyron from AWD to RWD.

Have you ever looked at a car that cost more than most people’s houses and said to yourself: “I think we should remove the front differential and turn the car into a donut-producing, rubber tormenting monster?” That’s exactly what Houston Crosta, owner of Royalty Exotic Cars, did to his 2008 Bugatti Veyron.

You might remember Mr. Crosta from last week when he gave us a first-hand look at the difficulties one must endure by changing the Veyron’s oil. It was an all-day affair that required the disassembly of most of the car’s rear end. It took all afternoon just to have the oil drain and then replacing it required 16 quarts of the premium stuff.

Now we get to see how difficult it is to turn an all-wheel-drive car like the Veyron into a rear-wheel-drive car. From the oil change video, you’d expect this to be a week’s long disaster. In actual fact, the switch was even easier than changing the Veyron’s oil.


He starts by removing the wheels, then the brakes, and finally gets access to the axle and the front differential. Disconnecting the front driveline components was surprisingly easy after that, and even saved the car a bunch of weight by being able to remove the front differential.

We should say that this will 100% void your warranty, but Crosta’s Bugatti hasn’t had a warranty since 2011. He didn’t elaborate as to why that was.

Besides the benefits of being lighter, Crosta found that it vastly improved the Bugatti’s turning radius and lightened the steering considerably. There was some concern that removing the front wheel drive would confuse the onboard computer, as suddenly having a massive power spike on the rear tires without any power up front is a big switch, but the Veyron seemed to handle just fine.

Admittedly, we didn’t get to see much driving at speed. The Veyron never left second gear, and that was mostly to lay down some rubber in an empty parking lot.

Which, by the way, there was a lot of rubber laid down. Even missing a front differential, the Veyron is a heavy car and doing donuts put down a layer of rubber that’s thick enough to repave the asphalt.

It’d be interesting to see how the Veyron behaves on the highway. But until we get that video, we’ll have to content ourselves with a nice smoke show.


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