The Buick Cascada Will Have Its Final Run This Year

The Buick Cascada is in its final year of production.

This should come as no surprise; the Buick Cascada won't remain in production after this year.

The Opel-built drop top debuted in 2016, hitting dealer and rental lots in the US. But, with Opel no longer under General Motors' control, America is set to lose another model.

A car weighing two tons with a turbocharged, 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine, the Cascada won't represent that great of a loss. However, we can't say that it wasn't an intriguing vehicle.

Given that Opel is now owned by France's PSA Group, the manufacturers have announced plans to stop producing three car models, with the Cascada set to be one of them. The convertible-only version is native to Poland, so to speak, and is sold in different marques, while Britain's Vauxhall and Australia's Holden have their own Cascada.


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According to Automotive News, dealers have been told to make their final order as the 2019 Cascada will be the last of its kind.

Buick will be left with just one single-passenger car following the halt in production, while America will lose it's last two-door Buick and it's last domestic non-sports car convertible.

“The Cascada has played its role in the portfolio perfectly, outselling many other premium convertibles while bringing in [six of every 10] buyers from outside GM,” the brand told Automotive News in a statement.

“However, it has reached the end of its originally-planned lifecycle and 2019 will be the last model year offered. Dealers have been notified and many will have stock through the rest of this year.”

Opinions have always been split over the Cascada's value but it did seem to serve drivers better in warm, sunny locations. Sales, though, painted the picture. The first year of production proved to be the best, with orders dropping off each following year.

Last year, the Cascada only sold 743 units in the final quarter, a 26.1 percent drop from 2017's last quarter.

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