Buick Enspire Luxury Concept Revealed Ahead Of Beijing Auto Show

Buick has unveiled their luxury concept, the Enspire, ahead of its official debut at the Beijing Auto Show.

Buick Enspire EV Has Serious Range

The Buick Enspire concept crossover has taken a bow in Wuzhen, China.

Unveiled a week before its global debut at the Beijing Auto Show, the Buick Enspire concept is a serious contender in the luxury EV segment. According to Buick’s press release, the Enspire has a battery range of 370 miles, which is better than both the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model S.

Power for the Enspire comes from a single 410 kW (or 550 hp) motor that presumably drives the front wheels but it could be mounted on the back. Regardless of where the motor is located, Buick claims a 0-60 time of just four seconds flat. That’s also better than both the I-Pace and Model S.

via Buick

Charging can be done via quick-charging station or wirelessly (maybe even on that new-fangled solar road we keep hearing about) and can be charged via quick charging to 80 percent in 40 minutes.

As befitting a concept car, the technology on display looked quite impressive. The dashboard is all swirling OLED touchscreens and graceful curves—no boring old rectangles to be found here. There’s also an “intelligent augmented reality technology-based head-up display system” that, according to Buick’s renderings, will display driving information, navigation, and even a sort of holographic path for your car to follow to its destination.


No mention of driving assistance software was made, but we think it’s safe to assume the standard suite of lane keeping, parking assist, low-speed braking, and even some autonomous software will be on the Enspire.

Buick Enspire
via Buick

We weren’t given any view of the car’s interior besides the dashboard, but Buick says "'surround skyline' interior theme and suspended theater-type seating give the Enspire a bright and spacious interior." So it has seats that may or may not be suspended from the roof, which would be weird, but this is a concept car. Weird is par for the course.

There’s also wood grain and Ultrasuede everywhere, although you’ll have to go to China to see it for yourself.

The Enspire concept will be on display at the Beijing Auto Show between April 25, 2018, to May 4, 2018. As for whether we’ll see it made into an actual car remains to be seen, but GM has a lot of EVs to make to hit their 20 EVs by 2023 goal, so they can’t waste too much time making concepts that’ll never see production.


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