Buick Removes Name From 2019 Model Year Vehicles

Buick is making a rather large change to their look going forward by removing their name from the back of their vehicles from the 2019 model year.

Buick is removing their name from the back of their cars.

The Buick name is a weighty one in the world of cars. It shares the distinction of being one of the oldest carmakers in the world (along with rival Ford), and for that reason, it also has the unenviable reputation for being a brand for old people. At one point in Buick’s history, they even catered to this particular market segment, cementing that reputation.

But the problem with old people is they tend to buy very few cars, and rarely the really expensive ones that generate the most profit. In recent years, Buick has begun to buck that reputation by releasing much appealing cars like the Regal Sportback and the Envision crossover.

Now they want to change things up even further by removing their own name from the butt of their cars.

Check out the Envision, pictured below. Notice something? On the 2017 mode, the Buick nameplate is on the left, while on the 2019 model the nameplate is gone.


Buick Envision
via gmauthority

GM enthusiast site GM Authority reached out to Buick and confirmed that the carmaker will be removing its own name from their cars on all models going forward.

Now, before you all go into a tizzy thinking that Buick might go the way of Saturn and Pontiac, consider another report from our friends over at CNET. According to Buick spokesperson Stu Fowle, the name removal has nothing to do with GM losing confidence in the Buick name.

"Mostly, it was for global consistency because we don't put the name badge on [Buicks] in China," said Stu. "It also makes room if we decide to add an Avenir badge on the rear."

Avenir, much like Denali for GM-branded cars and trucks, is Buick’s luxury name for their highest trim level. Avenir is French for “future” because all the best names are French.

Fowle also said that most people recognize the Tri-Shield logo as the Buick brand, but declined to back up that statement with any hard data. As for whether or not the name removal will hurt or help the brand’s reputation, we’ll have to wait and see if they keep getting bought by grandmas or not.


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