Check Out This Bulletproof Tesla Model S

Check Out This Bulletproof Tesla Model S

You can now get your Tesla Model S hardened against bullets.

Let’s say you’re a well-to-do business person. You like this whole electric car thing, as well as the myriad autonomous driving functions, so you get a Tesla Model S. But you’re a powerful person with many enemies. Some of those enemies might be from places where laws don’t quite apply, and disagreements are often solved at the end of a smoking barrel.

Never fear, for International Armoring is here. Their Armormax lightweight armoring division can now take that vulnerable Model S and turn it into a bulletproof tank of a car.

As with all armoring projects, the idea is to protect the key components of the car—that’s the drivetrain, motors, batteries, and of course, the driver and passengers. The entire cabin, including doors, roof, pillars, and floor, is reinforced with light synthetic-fiber laminates and heat-treated ballistic metals.


via car and driver

Windshields and all windows are replaced with a combo of layered glass and acrylic, as well as polycarbonate laminates. The battery packs are likewise armored, the suspension is reinforced, and the tires are replaced with ones that can run flat. There’s also a siren and intercom system that are integrated into the car’s systems.

No steel is used to keep weight down, but the armoring process still adds 550 lbs to the overall weight of the car. As far as armored cars go, that’s actually pretty good, but it’ll definitely decrease performance while increasing energy consumption. It’s like lugging around a couple of football players as passengers, and with real passengers in the car, it’s like transporting a team of sumo wrestlers.

And before you start taking your armored Model S into a war zone, note that the armoring is rated for B4, B5, and B6 levels of ballistic protection, but doesn't hit B7. B7 is armoring that defeats things labeled as “armor piercing”, so while the car can fend off handguns, rifles, and shotguns, it won’t stop a 20mm cannon from penetrating. Anti-armor missiles are also probably overkill.

Combined with Tesla’s already built-in Bioweapon Defence Mode air filtration system, and an armored Model S is probably the safest luxury sedan on the road.

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