The Bureko 6X6 Is The Hummer-Like Silverado You Didn't Know You Wanted

A German company boasting the innovation of the Gods wants your money and they just might deserve it.

You probably didn't know this, but if you're a fan of heavy-duty pickup trucks, you've always wanted the Bureko 6X6.

If you got $300,000 to spare, you could get your hands on one of these bad boys, but you'd have to be extremely lucky. The truck started off as the Chevy Silverado before it was chopped up, widened and strapped with some amazing accessories by a German and Cech company going by the name Bureko.

The four-door crew cab model spans over 20 feet in length and seven feet in width while the roof is just under seven feet tall. For a truck of its size, this 6X6 surprisingly weighs 6,040 pounds.

The front grille and headlights give off the look of a Jeep Cherokee and a Hummer, which should do well with just about any truck enthusiast.

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via burekone.com

According to Bureko, it will run on a 6.2-liter V8 engine boasting 1,200 horsepower. You'd have to take Europe taxes into consideration if you want one, and you'll be in minimal company if you do manage to own a unit as only 25 will be built, although we can assume some have already been completed as there are pictures of the thing, plus a teaser.

In case you're worried about it being street legal, it is (in Germany at least), despite looking like it's just too big to be driven down any European street or even a highway.

As for the interior, the Bureko 6X6 looks like most Silverados - admittedly sort of a letdown given the remarkable exterior.

Bureko will also tell you that their rides were inspired by the Gods themselves.

"The power of the volcano. The eruption of enthusiasm. Scorching passion. Geysers of spurting emotions. Hephaestus himself, the son of Zeus and Hera, the lame god of fire and the blacksmith of gods, started to work together with his helpers," a statement on their website reads.

"He blew giant bellows under Mount Vesuvius and Etna. He worked tirelessly for long centuries, and using his hammer, anvil and tongs, he conjured up a jewel of inestimable value."

They don't claim that Hephaestus built them himself, but rather inspired the company to present a "revolutionary invention" to humanity.

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